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Recipes for DESSERT DISHES category

Sweet Biscuits
Apple Black Caps
Apple Snow
Apple Cakes
Cherry Cheese
Candied Cherries
Currant Salad
Iced Currants
Compote Of Damsons
Stuffed Dates
Stewed Figs
Compote Of Gooseberries
Gooseberry Cheese
Gooseberry Fool
Grape Jelly
Green Gage Compote
Pine Apple Julep
Lemon Snow
Melon Compote
Orange Salad
Orange And Apple Compote
Peach Salad
Cold Compote Of Pears
Stewed Prunelles
Quince Cakes
Quince Snow
Iced Raspberries
Raspberry Salad
Compote Of Strawberries
Strawberry Drops
Compote Of Mixed Fruit
Fruit Juice