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Recipes for ENTREES category

Sweetbreads With Mushrooms
Frogs A La Poulette
Calves' Head En Tortue
Chops A La Reine
Calves' Feet A La Marechale
Puree Of Chestnuts With Chops
Lamb Chops A La Nesselrode
Devil Chops
Lamb Cutlets Duchesse
Lamb Cutlets A La Condi
Eggs With Tomatoes
To Make White Hard Soap
Chicken Croquettes, No. 1
Chicken Croquettes, No. 2
Croquettes Of Calf's Brains
Meat Croquettes
Sweetbread Croquettes
Veal Croquettes
Cauliflower Croquettes
Croquettes Of Fish
Potato Croquettes
Sweet Potato Croquettes
Peanut And Rice Croquettes
Rice Croquettes, No. 1
Rice Croquettes, No. 2
Calf's Brains (sour)
Calf's Brains Fried
Brains (sweet And Sour)
Deviled Brains
Brains With Egg Sauce
Jellied Chicken
Pressed Chicken
Home-made Chicken Tamales
Chicken À La Sweetbread
Veal Sweetbreads (fried)
Calf's Feet, Scharf
Calf's Foot Jelly, No. 1
Aspic (sulz)
Gansleber PurÉe In Sulz
Goose Liver
Spanish Liver
Stewed Milt
Gefillte Milz (milt)
Chicken Livers
Kischkes--russian Style
Hashed Calf's Lung And Heart
Tripe À La Creole
Tripe, Family Style
Filled Tongue
Smoked Tongue
Smothered Tongue
Welsh Rare-bit No 2
Cheese Sticks No 1
Welsh Rare-bit No 1
Veal Loaf
Meat Salad
Curried Oysters
Fancy Roast Of Oysters
Baked Oysters In The Shells
Terrapin Stew
Shrimp Stew
Crab Cutlets
Canapie Lorenzo
Crab Creole For Four Persons
Deviled Crab
To Fry Soft-shelled Crabs
Beef Roll
Beef Loaf
Pressed Chicken A Nice Luncheon Dish
Chicken For Lunch
Chicken Terrapin No 3
Chicken Terrapin No 2
Chicken Terrapin No 1
Brown Fish Chowder
Black Bean Soup With Mock Meat Balls
Egg Border With Rice And Curry Sauce
Rice Border With Vegetables Or Hard Boiled Eggs In Cream Sauce
A Border Timbale Of Mock Chicken
A Mould Of Spaghettina
Spinach Border Mould
A Filling For The Center Of Mould Of Spinach
Mock Cod Fish Balls
Mock Fish Balls In Curry Or Cream Sauce
Mock Fish A Norwegian Dish
Mock Meat
Spaghettina Chops
Tomato Chops
Savory Fried Bread
Mock Fish Chops
Fricassee Of Spaghettina
Mushrooms En Coquille
Ragout Of Egg Plant
Patties Of Puff Paste
Savory Rice A Mexican Dish
Ragout Of Asparagus With Mock Meat Balls
Curried Rice Croquettes
Mock Fish Croquettes
Walnut Croquettes
Ragout Of Mushrooms