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Recipes for PASSOVER DISHES category

Tomato Sauce (chili)
Pesach Borsht
Rosel, Beet Vinegar
Raisin Wine, No. 1
Raisin Wine, No. 2
Yom-tov Soup
Matzoth Meal Kleis, No. 1
Palestine Soup
Potato Flour Noodles
Matzoth Meal Noodles
Marrow Dumplings
Almond Balls
Matzoth Meal Kleis, No. 2
Matzoth Kleis, No. 1
Matzoth Kleis, No. 2
Filled Matzoth Kleis
English Lemon Stewed Fish
Red Mullet In Cases
Chrimsel, No. 1
Chrimsel, No. 2
Kentucky Chrimsel
Scrambled Matzoth
Matzoth Dipped In Eggs, No. 1
Matzoth Dipped In Eggs, No. 2
Zwiebel Matzoth
Matzoth Eirkuchen
Matzoth Meal Macaroons
Pie Crust
Mamouras (turkish)
German Puffs
Stewed Sweetbreads
Beefsteak Pie
Birmoilis (turkish)
Potato Marbles
Mina (turkish)
Prune Blintzes
Meat Blintzes
Matzoth Spice Cake
Matzoth Meal Cake
Matzoth Charlotte, No. 1
Matzoth Charlotte, No. 2
Matzoth Kugel
Matzoth Shalet
Potato Pudding
Matzoth Plum Pudding
Batter Pudding
Cocoanut Pudding
Carrot Pudding
Almond Pudding, No. 1
Almond Pudding, No. 2
Almond Hills
Apple Sponge Pudding
Grated Apple Pudding
Apple Pudding
Foam Torte
Sponge Cake, No. 1
Sponge Cake, No. 2
Potato Flour Sponge Cake
Hasty Pudding
Potato Flour Pudding
Pesach Cake With Walnuts
Date Cake
Chocolate Cake
Almond Cake
Almond Macaroons
Cinnamon Sticks
Egg Marmalade
Beet Preserves (russian)
Lemon Preserves
Candied Lemon And Orange Peel
Wine Sauce
Rum Sauce
Sugar Syrup
Mock Whipped Cream Filling
Lemon Cream Filling
Filling For Chrimsel