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Recipes for POULTRY category

Shoulder Of Mutton Stuffed
To Dress And Clean Poultry
To Truss A Chicken
Roast Chicken
Chicken Casserole
Boiled Chicken, Baked
Broiled Spring Chicken
Fried Spring Chicken
Chicken Fricassee
Chicken With Rice
Chicken (turkish Style)
Smothered Chicken
Chicken Curry
Chicken Paprika With Rice
Chili Con Carne
Pilaf (russian Style)
Pilaf (turkish Style)
Spanish Pie
Chicken La Italienne
Roast Goose
Geschundene Gans
Stuffed Goose Neck
Goose Cracklings (grieben)
Roast Goose Breasts
Goose Meat, Preserved In Fat
Smoked Goose Breast
Smoked Goose
Stewed Goose, Piquante
Roast Duck
Duck La Mode In Jelly
Squabs, Or Nest Pigeons
Broiled Squabs
Pigeon Pie
Squab En Casserole
How To Clean
Roast Poultry
Poultry Dressing
Oyster Dressing
Giblet Gravy
Fried Chicken
Fricassee Of Chicken
Chicken Pie
Roast Goose, Bread And Apple Dressing
Boiled Chicken
Chicken Livers, En Brochette, With Bacon
Pollo Con Arroz
Pollo Con Tomates
Tamales De Chile
Coquilles De Volaille
Chicken Croquettes
Curry Of Chicken In Puffs
Fricassee Chicken
A Good Roast Turkey
Dressing For Turkey
How To Cook Chestnuts
Water Cresses To Stew
Chicken To Make White
Chicken To Fricassee No 1
Chicken To Fricassee No 2
Chicken To Fricassee No 3
Chicken To Fricassee No 4
Chicken White Fricassee Of
Cream Of Chicken Or Fowl
Chickens To Fry
Chickens To Heat
Chickens Dressed With Peas
Chicken And Ham Ragout Of
Chicken Or Ham And Veal Pates
Duck To Boil
Duck To Boil A La Francaise
Duck A La Braise
Duck To Hash
Duck To Stew With Cucumbers
Duck To Stew With Peas
Fowls To Fatten In A Fortnight
Fowl To Make Tender
Fowl To Roast With Anchovies
Fowl With Rice Called Pilaw
Fowl To Hash
Fowl To Stew
Goose To Stuff
Another Way
Goose's Liver To Dress
Pigeons To Boil
Pigeons To Broil
Pigeons To Jug
Pigeons To Pot
Pigeons To Stew No 1
Pigeons To Stew No 2
Pigeons To Stew No 3
Pigeons Biscuit Of
Pigeons En Compote No 1
Pigeons En Compote No 2
Pigeons En Compote No 3
Pigeons A La Crapaudine
Pigeons In Disguise
Pigeons In Fricandeau
Pigeons Aux Poires
Another Way
Pigeons Pompeton Of
Pigeons Au Soleil
Pigeons A La Tatare With Cold Sauce
Pigeons Surtout Of
To Preserve Tainted Poultry
Pullets With Oysters
Pullets To Bone And Farce
Rabbits To Boil
Rabbits To Boil With Onions
Rabbits Brown Fricassee Of
Rabbits White Fricassee Of No 1
Rabbits White Fricassee Of No 2
Rabbits White Fricassee Of No 3
Turkey To Boil
Turkey With Oysters
Turkey A La Daube
Roasted Turkey Delicate Gravy For