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Recipes for Receipts for Invalids category

Beef Tea.
Chicken Panada.
Chicken Broth.
Restorative Jellies.
Hartshorn Jelly.
Barley Jelly.
Rice Caudle.
Barley Milk.
Restorative Milk.
Milk Porridge.
Wine Whey.
Tamarind Whey.
Plain Whey.
Irish Moss.
A Refreshing Drink.
A Very Fine Emmolient Drink.
A Cooling Drink In Fever.
Egg Wine.
Mulled Wine.
To Make Punch.
Milk Punch.
A French Plum Pie.
To Roast Venison.
A Venison Pasty.
Salmon Pie.
Chicken Pudding.
A Fine Beefsteak Pie.
Iced Pudding.