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Spanish Bacon On Toast
Sauce For Canvas-back Duck
Sauce For Wild Fowl
Hollandaise Sauce
Parsley Butter
Green Sauce
Egg Sauce
Celery Sauce
Devil For Boiled Ham Or Fowl
Onion Sauce
Garlic Sauce
Melted Butter
A Rich Brown Gravy.
Sauce Piquante.
A Good Gravy For Roast Fowls.
Another Excellent Receipt.
Celery Sauce.
Tomato Sauce.
A Fine Sauce For Steaks.
A Fish Sauce Without Butter.
A Fine Fish Sauce.
Sauce For Ducks.
Bread Sauce.
Apple Sauce For Goose.
Mint Sauce.
Onion Sauce.
Oiled Butter.
To Draw Good Gravy.
Truffle Sauce.
Mushroom Sauce.
Sweet Sauce.
Melted Butter.
Sauce Robert For Steaks.
Caper Sauce.
Savory Herb Powder.
English Egg Sauce.
Sauce A La Tartare.
Brown Cucumber Sauce.
White Cucumber Sauce.
Browned Bread Crumbs.
Crisped Parsley.
Fried Parsley.
Bread Crumbs For Frying.
Spinach Green.
VeloutÉ, Bechamel.
Forcemeat Or Farcie.
Common Veal, Stuffing.
Fish Forcemeat.
No. 1. Espagnole, Or Brown Sauce
No. 2. Velute Sauce
No. 3. Bechamel Sauce
No. 4. Mirepoix Sauce (for Masking)
No. 5. Genoese Sauce
No. 6. Italian Sauce
No. 7. Ham Sauce, Salsa Di Prosciutto
No. 8. Tarragon Sauce
No. 9. Tomato Sauce
No. 10. Tomato Sauce Piquante
No. 11. Mushroom Sauce
No. 12. Neapolitan Sauce
No. 13. Neapolitan Anchovy Sauce
No. 14. Roman Sauce (salsa Agro-dolce)
No. 15. Roman Sauce (another Way)
No. 16. Supreme Sauce
No. 17. Pasta Marinate (for Masking Italian Frys)
No. 18. White Villeroy
No. 19. Clear Soup
No. 20. Zuppa Primaverile (spring Soup)
No. 21. Soup Alla Lombarda
No. 22. Tuscan Soup
No. 23. Venetian Soup
No. 24. Roman Soup
No. 25. Soup Alla Nazionale
No. 26. Soup Alla Modanese
No. 27. Crotopo Soup
No. 28. Soup All'imperatrice
No. 29. Neapolitan Soup
No. 30. Soup With Risotto
No. 31. Soup Alla Canavese
No. 32. Soup Alla Maria Pia
No. 33. Zuppa D' Erbe (lettuce Soup)
No. 34. Zuppa Regina Di Riso (queen's Soup)
No. 35. A Condiment For Seasoning Minestre, &c.
No. 36. Minestra Alla Casalinga
No. 37. Minestra Of Rice And Turnips
No. 38. Minestra Alla Capucina
No. 39. Minestra Of Semolina
No. 40. Minestrone Alla Milanese
No. 41. Minestra Of Rice And Cabbage
No. 42. Minestra Of Rice And Celery
No. 43. Anguilla Alla Milanese (eels).
No. 44. Filletti Di Pesce Alla Villeroy (fillets Of Fish)
No. 45. Astachi All'italiana (lobster)
No. 46. Baccala Alla Giardiniera (cod)
No. 47. Triglie Alla Marinara (mullet)
No. 48. Mullet Alla Tolosa
No. 49. Mullet Alla Triestina
No. 50. Whiting Alla Genovese
No. 51. Merluzzo In Bianco (cod)
No. 52. Merluzzo In Salamoia (cod)
No. 53. Baccala In Istufato (haddock)
No. 54. Naselli Con Piselli (whiting)
No. 55. Ostriche Alla Livornese (oysters)
No. 56. Ostriche Alla Napolitana (oysters)
No. 57. Ostriche Alla Veneziana (oysters)
No. 58. Pesci Diversi Alla Casalinga (fish)
No. 59. Pesce Alla Genovese (sole Or Turbot)
No. 60. Sogliole In Zimino (sole)
No. 61. Sogliole Al Tegame (sole)
No. 62. Sogliole Alla Livornese (sole)
No. 63. Sogliole Alla Veneziana (sole)
No. 64. Sogliole Alla Parmigiana (sole).
No. 65. Salmone Alla Genovese (salmon)
No. 66. Salmone Alla Perigo (salmon)
No. 67. Salmone Alla Giardiniera (salmon)
No. 68. Salmone Alla Farnese (salmon)
No. 69. Salmone Alla Santa Fiorentina (salmon)
No. 70. Salmone Alla Francesca (salmon)
No. 71. Fillets Of Salmon In Papiliotte
No. 72. Manzo Alla Certosina (fillet Of Beef)
No. 73. Stufato Alla Florentina (stewed Beef)
No. 74. Coscia Di Manzo Al Forno (rump Steak)
No. 75. Polpettine Alla Salsa Piccante (beef Olives)
No. 76. Stufato Alla Milanese (stewed Beef)
No. 77. Manzo Marinato Arrosto (marinated Beef)
No. 78. Manzo Con Sugo Di Barbabietole (fillet Of Beef)
No. 79. Manzo In Insalata (marinated Beef)
No. 80. Filetto Di Bue Con Pistacchi (fillets Of Beef With
No. 81. Scalopini Di Riso (beef With Risotto)
No. 82. Tenerumi Alla Piemontese (tendons Of Veal)
No. 83. Bragiuole Di Vitello (veal Cutlets)
No. 84. Costolette Alla Manza (veal Cutlets)
No. 85. Vitello Alla Pellegrina (breast Of Veal)
No. 86. Frittura Piccata Al Marsala (fillet Of Veal)
No. 87. Polpettine Distese (veal Olives)
No. 88. Coste Di Vitello Imboracciate (ribs Of Veal)
No. 89. Costolette Di Montone Alla Nizzarda (mutton Cutlets)
No. 90. Petto Di Castrato All'italiana (breast Of Mutton)
No. 91. Petto Di Castrato Alla Salsa Piccante (breast Of Mutton)
No. 92. Tenerumi D'agnello Alla Villeroy (tendons Of Lamb)
No. 93. Tenerumi D' Agnello Alla Veneziana (tendons Of Lamb)
No. 94. Costolette D' Agnello Alla Costanza (lamb Cutlets)
No. 95. Timballo Alla Romana
No. 96. Timballo Alla Lombarda
No. 97. Lingua Alla Visconti (tongue)
No. 98. Lingua Di Manzo Al Citriuoli (tongue With Cucumber)
No. 99. Lingue Di Castrato Alla Cuciniera (sheep's Tongues)
No. 100. Lingue Di Vitello All'italiana (calves' Tongues)
No. 101. Porcelletto Alla Corradino (sucking Pig)
No. 102. Porcelletto Da Latte In Galantina (sucking Pig)
No. 103. Ateletti Alla Sarda
No. 104. Ateletti Alla Genovese
No. 105. Testa Di Vitello Alla Sorrentina (calf's Head)
No. 106. Testa Di Vitello Con Salsa Napoletana (calf's Head)
No. 107. Testa Di Vitello Alla Pompadour (calf's Head)
No. 108. Testa Di Vitello Alla Sanseverino (calf's Head)
No. 109. Testa Di Vitello In Frittata (calf's Head)
No. 110. Zampetti (calves' Feet)
No. 111. Bodini Marinati
No. 112. Animelle Alla Parmegiana (sweetbread)
No. 113. Animelle In Cartoccio (sweetbread)
No. 114. Animelle All'italiana (sweetbread)
No. 115. Animelle Lardellate (sweetbread)
No. 116. Frittura Di Bottoni E Di Animelle (sweetbread And
No. 117. Cervello In Fili Serbe (calf's Brains)
No. 118. Cervello Alla Milanese (calf's Brains)
No. 119. Cervello Alla Villeroy (calf's Brains)
No. 120. Frittura Of Liver And Brains
No. 121. Cervello In Frittata Montano (calf's Brains)
No. 122. Marinata Di Cervello Alla Villeroy (calf's Brains)
No. 123. Minuta Alla Milanese (lamb's Sweetbread)
No. 124. Animelle Al Sapor Di Targone (lamb's Fry)
No. 125. Fritto Misto Alla Villeroy
No. 126. Fritto Misto Alla Piemontese
No. 127. Minuta Di Fegatini (ragout Of Fowls' Livers)
No. 128. Minuta Alla Visconti (chickens' Livers)
No. 129. Croutons Alla Principesca
No. 130. Croutons Alla Romana
No. 131. Soffiato Di Cappone (fowl Souffle)
No. 132. Pollo Alla Fiorentina (chicken)
No. 133. Pollo All'oliva (chicken)
No. 134. Pollo Alla Villereccia (chicken)
No. 135. Pollo Alla Cacciatora (chicken)
No. 136. Pollastro Alla Lorenese (fowl)
No. 137. Pollastro In Fricassea Al Burro (fowl)
No. 138. Pollastro In Istufa Di Pomidoro (braized Fowl)
No. 139. Cappone Con Riso (capon With Rice)
No. 140. Dindo Arrosto Alla Milanese (roast Turkey)
No. 141. Tacchinotto All'istrione (turkey Poult)
No. 142. Fagiano Alla Napoletana (pheasant)
No. 143. Fagiano Alla Perigo (pheasant)
No. 144. Anitra Selvatica (wild Duck)
No. 145. Perniciotti Alla Gastalda (partridges)
No. 146. Beccaccini Alla Diplomatica (snipe)
No. 147. Piccioni Alla Minute (pigeons)
No. 148. Piccioni In Ripieno (stuffed Pigeons)
No. 149. Lepre In Istufato (stewed Hare)
No. 150. Lepre Agro-dolce (hare)
No. 151. Coniglio Alla Provenzale (rabbit)
No. 152. Coniglio Arrostito Alla Corradino (roast Rabbit)
No. 153. Coniglio In Salsa Piccante (rabbit)
No. 154. Asparagi Alla Salsa Suprema (asparagus)
No. 155. Cavoli Di Bruxelles Alla Savoiarda (brussels Sprouts)
No. 156. Barbabietola Alla Parmigiana (beetroot)
No. 157. Fave Alla Savoiarda (beans)
No. 158. Verze Alla Capuccina (cabbage)
No. 159. Cavoli Fiodi Alla Lionese (cauliflower)
No. 160. Cavoli Fiodi Fritti (cauliflower)
No. 161. Cauliflower Alla Parmigiana
No. 162. Cavoli Fiori Ripieni
No. 163. Sedani Alla Parmigiana (celery)
No. 164. Sedani Fritti All'italiana (celery)
No. 165. Cetriuoli Alla Parmigiana (cucumber)
No. 166. Cetriuoli Alla Borghese (cucumber)
No. 167. Carote Al Sughillo (carrots)
No. 168. Carote E Piselli Alla Panna (carrots And Peas)
No. 169. Verze Alla Certosine (cabbage)
English Drawn Butter
Plain Sauce Hollandaise
Anchovy Sauce
Sauce Bechamel
Tarragon Sauce
Horseradish Sauce
Cream Or White Sauce
Brown Butter Sauce
Sauce Perigueux
Tomato Sauce
Paprika Sauce
Curry Sauce
Cream Horseradish Sauce
Pudding Sauces
Chopped Celery Sauce
Chopped Tomato Sauce
Grated Cucumber Sauce
Cold Meat Sauces
Kitchen Bouquet
Mushroom Sauce
Roasted Beef Gravy
Brown Sauce
Brown Tomato Sauce
Sauce Hollandaise
Sauce Supréme
English Drawn Butter
White Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Sauce Bechamel
Sauce Mousseline
Boiled Egg Sauce
Tartar Sauce
To Stew Mushrooms
Mushroom Ketchup
Superlative Sauce
Mint Sauce
Cranberry Sauce
Supreme Sauce
Roman Sauce Another Way
Roman Sauce Salsa Agro-dolce
Neapolitan Anchovy Sauce
Neapolitan Sauce
Mushroom Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce Piquante
Tarragon Sauce
Ham Sauce Salsa Di Prosciutto
Italian Sauce
Genoese Sauce
Mirepoix Sauce For Masking
Bechamel Sauce
Velute Sauce
Espagnole Or Brown Sauce
Pasta Marinate For Masking Italian Frys
Sauce A La Bonne Femme
Sauce A La Petite Cuisiniere
Apple Sauce
Asparagus Sauce
Bechamel Sauce
Curry Sauce
Curry Sauce
Curry Sauce A Brazil
German Sauce
Haricot Bean Sauce
Lentil Sauce
Lentil Sauce
Lentil Sauce
Mint Sauce
Parsley Sauce
Sauce Piquante
Sauce Royale
Salad Sauce
Salad Sauce
Salad Sauce
Salad Sauce
Sauce Superbe
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Tomato And Haricot Bean Sauce
Tomato Sauce Piquante
Sauce Tournee
Vegetable Sauce
White Sauce
Woodcocks To Pot
Essence Of Anchovies
Anchovy Pickle
Anchovy Sauce
To Recover Anchovies
Bacchanalian Sauce
Bechamel Or White Sauce No 1
Bechamel No 2
Bechamel No 3
Sauce For Beef Bouilli
Sauce For Boiled Beef A La Russe
Bread Sauce No 1
Bread Sauce No 2
Bread Sauce No 3
Bread Sauce No 4
Bread Sauce For Pig
Browning For Made Dishes
Butter To Burn
Butter To Clarify
Another Way
Plain Melted Butter Very Simple But Rarely Well Done
To Thicken Butter For Peas &c
Caper Sauce
Carp Sauce
Light Brown Sauce For Carp
Sauce For Carp And Tench
White Sauce For Carp
Dutch Sauce For Carp Or Tench
Carp Sauce For Fish
Cavechi An Indian Pickle No 1
Cavechi No 2
Cavechi No 3
Celery Sauce White
Celery Sauce Brown
Sauce For Boiled Chickens
Sauce For Cold Chicken Or Game
White Sauce For Chickens
Cream Sauce For White Dishes
Cullis To Thicken Sauces
Brown Cullis
Cullis A La Reine Or Queen's Stock
Turkey Cullis
Cullis Of Veal Or Any Other Meat
Dandy Sauce For All Sorts Of Poultry And Game
Devonshire Sauce
Sauce For Ducks
Dutch Sauce
Dutch Sauce For Fish
Dutch Sauce For Meat Or Fish
Dutch Sauce For Trout
Egg Sauce
The Exquisite
Fish Sauce No 1
Fish Sauce No 2
Fish Sauce No 3
Fish Sauce No 4
Fish Sauce No 5
Fish Sauce No 6
Fish Sauce No 7
Fish Sauce No 8
Fish Sauce No 9
Fish Sauce No 10
Fish Sauce No 11
Fish Sauce No 12
Fish Sauce No 13
Fish Sauce No 14
Fish Sauce No 15
An Excellent White Fish Sauce
White Sauce With Capers And Anchovies For Any White Fish
Fish Stock
Forcemeat Balls For Sauces
White Sauce For Fowls
White Sauce For Boiled Fowls
Sauce For Roasted Fowls Of All Kinds Or Roasted Mutton
A Very Good General Sauce
Genoese Sauce For Stewed Fish
German Sauce
Beef Gravy
Beef Gravy To Keep For Use
Brown Gravy
Green Sauce For Green Geese Or Ducklings
Ham Sauce
Sauce For Hare Or Venison
Harvey's Sauce
Sauce For Hashes Or Fish And Good With Any Thing And Every Thing
Sauce For White Hashes Or Chickens
Horseradish Sauce
Italian Sauce
Lemon Sauce
Liver Sauce For Boiled Fowls
Lobster Sauce No 1
Lobster Sauce No 2
Lobster Sauce No 3
The Marchioness's Sauce
Meat Jelly For Sauces
A Mixed Sauce
Mushroom Ketchup No 1
Mushroom Ketchup No 2
Mushroom Ketchup No 3
Mushroom Ketchup No 4
Mushroom Sauce
Sauce For Roasted Mutton
Onion Sauce
Brown Onion Sauce
Oyster Sauce No 1
Oyster Sauce No 2
Sauce For Pike Or Any Other Fresh-water Fish
Sauce Piquante
Sauce Piquante To Serve Hot
Sauce Piquante To Serve Cold
Poivrade Sauce
Poor Man's Sauce
Quin's Fish Sauce
Ragout Sauce
Sauce De Ravigotte
Sauce Ravigotte A La Bourgeoise
Relishing Sauce
Sauce A-la-remoulade No 1
Sauce A-la-remoulade No 2
Sauce A-la-remoulade No 3for Cold Chicken Or Lobster Salad
Rice Sauce
Richmond Sauce For Boiled Chicken
Sauce For Any Kind Of Roasted Meat
Sauce Robert
Sauce For Salad
Shalot Sauce For Boiled Mutton
Spanish Sauce
Sauce For Steaks
Sultana Sauce
Tomata Ketchup
Tomata Sauce No 1
Tomata Sauce No 2
Tomata Sauce No 3
Savoury Jelly For A Turkey
Sauce For Turkey Or Chicken
Sauce For Boiled Turkey Or Fowl
Venison Sauce
Sweet Venison Sauce
Walnut Ketchup No 1
Walnut Ketchup No 2
Walnut Ketchup No 3
Walnut Ketchup No 4
Walnut Ketchup No 5
White Sauce