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Recipes for SAVOURIES category

Vermicelli And Cheese Fritters
Asparagus And Egg On Toast
Rolled Batter Stuffed With Forcemeat
Boiled Savoury Batter
Cheese Mixture
Chestnuts With Maitre D'hotel Sauce
Savoury Eggs On Toast
Forcemeat Balls
Haricots On Bread
Savoury Haricots On Toast
Haricot Beans With Eggs
Haricot Beans Garnished
Haricot Mould Hot
Lentil Cakes
Savoury Mixture
Savoury Mixture
Mushrooms A La Francaise
Savoury Pancakes
Green Peas And Carrots On Toast
Baked Potatoes With Sage And Onion
Casserole Of Potatoes
Potato And Celery Balls
Potatoes And Eggs With Celery Sauce
Fried Potato With Eggs
Potato Olives
Potato Pyramids
Stuffed Potatoes
Stuffed Potatoes
Savoury Rice Balls
Savoury Rissoles
Sage And Onion Patties
Sausages In Batter
Brussels Sprouts Sausages
Sausages With Curry Flavour
Lentil And Tomato Sausages With Piquante Sauce
Savoury Sausages
Semolina Sausages
Savoury Semolina
Savoury Semolina And Cheese
Spanish Onions Stuffed
Spinach With Peas And Tomatoes
Surprise Balls
Tomatoes In Batter
Tomatoes In Batter
Tomato And Egg On Toast
Turnips With Poached Eggs
Vegetable Marrow With Potato Balls
Vegetable Marrow Rings With Tomato Batter
Vegetable Marrow Stuffed
Vegetable Marrow Stuffed