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Recipes for WINES, CORDIALS, LIQUEURS, &c category

Ale To Drink In A Week
Very Rare Ale
Orange Ale
Aqua Mirabilis A Very Fine Cordial
Another Way
Cherry Brandy
Cordial Cherry Water
A Very Fine Cordial
Elder-flower Water
Elderberry Syrup
Ginger Beer No 1
Ginger Beer No 2
Ginger Beer No 3
Ginger Beer No 4
Ginger Beer No 5
Imperial No 1
Imperial No 2
Imperial No 3
Lemonade No 1
Lemonade No 2
Lemonade No 3
Clarified Lemonade
Milk Lemonade
Transparent Lemonade
Lemon Water
Mead No 1
Mead No 2
Mead No 3
Mithridate Brandy
Orange Juice
Spirit Of Oranges Or Lemons
Cordial Orange Water
Another Way
Excellent Punch
Milk Punch
Another Way
Norfolk Punch
Roman Punch
Raspberry Liqueur
Raspberry Vinegar
Ratafia Brandy
Shrub No 1
Shrub No 2
Shrub No 3
Currant Shrub
Spruce Beer
Bittany Wine
Sham Champagne
Cherry Wine
Another Way
Cowslip Wine No 1
Cowslip Wine No 2
Cowslip Wine No 3
Currant Wine No 1
Currant Wine No 2
Currant Wine No 3
Currant Or Elder Wine
Black Currant Wine
Red Currant Wine
Another Way
Red Or White Currant Wine
White Currant Wine
Damson Wine
Elder Wine No 1
Elder Wine No 2
Elder Wine No 3
Elder Wine No 4
Elder Wine No 5
Elder-flower Wine
Sham Frontiniac
Mixed Fruit Wine
Ginger Wine No 1
Ginger Wine No 2
Ginger Wine No 3
Ginger Wine No 4
Gooseberry Wine No 1
Gooseberry Wine No 2
Gooseberry Wine No 3
Gooseberry Wine No 4
Grape Wine
Lemon Wine
Sham Madeira
Orange Wine No 1
Orange Wine No 2
Orange Wine No 3
Sham Port Wine
Raisin Wine No 1
Raisin Wine No 2
Raisin Wine No 3
Raisin Wine No 4