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"corinita" Cookies
"little Pigs In Blankets "
A Caramel Cake
A Cheap Dessert
A Dainty Dessert
A Good Roast Turkey
Alexandre Pudding
Almond Cream Cake
Almond Icing
Amber Soup
Angel Cake
Angel Food
Apple Charlotte
Apple Custard Pie
Apple Fritters
Apple Pie
Apple Pudding
Apricot Sorbet
Asparagus Soup
Bachelors' Corn Pone
Baked Apple Dumpling
Baked Corn Bread
Baked Huckleberry Pudding
Baked Indian Pudding
Baked Shad
Baked Tomatoes
Baked Tomatoes
Baking Powder Biscuit
Bananas In Jelly
Bavarian Cream
Bean Soup
Beef Loaf
Beef Tea For Children
Bisque Of Crab Or Crawfish
Black Bean Soup
Blackberry Jam
Boiled Chicken
Boiled Custard
Boiled Egg Sauce
Boston Baked Beans
Boston Brown Bread
Bread And Butter Pudding
Bread Cake
Bread Pudding
Breakfast Rolls
Cabbage Pickle
Cabbage Salad
Cake Made With Cream
Callas A Creole Cake Eaten Hot With Coffee
Canned Spiced Blackberries
Caramel Cake
Caramel Ice Cream
Casselettes De Veau
Cauliflower With Tartar Sauce
Celery Soup
Chaperone Pudding
Chaperone Sponge Cake
Charlotte De Russe
Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe
Cheese Fonda
Cheese Sticks
Cherry Pudding
Chess Cake
Chicken Croquettes
Chicken Gumbo With Oysters
Chicken Livers, En Brochette, With Bacon
Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad
Chicken With Currie
Chocolat Meringue
Chocolat MoussÉ
Chocolat SoufflÉ
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Caramels
Chocolate Pudding
Chow-chow Pickles
Christmas Plum Pudding
Clam Chowder
Clam Chowder
Clam Fritters
Claret Punch
Cod Fish Balls
Columbian Ginger Cake
Compote Of Apples
Connecticut Election Cake
Coquilles De Volaille
Corn Bread
Corn Cake
Corn Fritters
Corn Griddle Cakes Or Old Virginia Slap Jacks
Corn Meal Muffins
Corn Oysters
Corn Soup
Corn Starch Cake
Crab Apple Jelly
Cream Candy
Cream Frosting
Cream Pie
Creamed Oysters
Creamed Shrimps
Cucumber Pickles
Currant Jelly
Curry Of Chicken In Puffs
Danish Pudding
Delicate Cake
Delicate Cake
Delicate Indian Pudding
Delicious Pudding
Deviled Crabs
Deviled Crabs
Deviled Crabs
Deviled Eggs For Luncheon Or Picnics
Deviled Lobster
Dressing For Turkey
Egg Nogg
Election Cake (one Hundred Years Old )
English Fruit Cake
English Plum Pudding
English Plum Pudding
Escalloped Eggs
Escalloped Oysters
Escalloped Sweet Potatoes
Excellent Potato Salad
Exposition Orange Cake
Filet Of Beef
Fish Salad
Floating Island
Foam Sauce
Franklin Gems
French Jumbles
French Loaf Cake
French Rolls
Fresh Mushrooms À La CrÈme
Fricassee Chicken
Fried Egg Plant
Fried Mush
Frog Legs
Fruit Cake
Fruit Cake
Fruit Cake
Gelatine Cream
Georgie's Cake
Ginger Cookies
Ginger Snaps
Gooseberry Catsup
Graham Christmas Pudding
Graham Gems
Graham Pudding
Grandmother's Bread Cake
Green Corn Omelet
Green Cucumber Pickle
Gumbo Soup
Ham Toast
Hamburg Cream
Hermits Or Fruit Cookies
How To Cook Chestnuts
How To Take Egg
Ideal Lemon Pie
Julienne Soup
Kirsch Punch
Lady Fingers
Lady Ross Fig Pudding
Lamb Chops
Lemon Custard
Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie
Light Bread
Loaf Ginger Cake
Lobster À La Newburg
Lobster Croquettes
Lobster Salad
Maraschino Ice Cream
Maryland Terrapins
Mince Meat
Mince Meat
Minnie's Lemon Pudding
Mixed Pickles
Mock Terrapin
Mock-turtle Soup
Mustard Chow-chow
Mutton Chops
New England Raised Loaf Cake
Nob Hill Pudding
Noodle Soup
North Dakota Sponge Cake
Nut Cake
Nut Cake
Nut Cake
Okra Soup
Old Virginia Bread Cake
Omelet With Ham
Orange Cake
Orange FrappÉe
Orange Jelly
Orange Short Cake
Orange Water Ice
Our Grandmother's Syllabub
Oyster Soup
PannÉe Oysters
Pea Soup
Peach Sponge
Pecan Cake
Pickled Onions
Pie Crust
Pineapple Sherbet
Pineapple SoufflÉ
Plain Omelet With Eight Eggs
Plum Pudding
Pocket-book Rolls
Pollo Con Arroz
Pollo Con Tomates
Potato Croquettes
Potato Puree
Potato Rolls
Potted Tongue
Prairie Chicken
Prune Pudding
Prune Pudding
Prune Pudding
Pumpkin Pie
Queen Pudding
Quince Preserves
Raised Brown Bread
Raised Doughnuts
Rice As A Vegetable
Ripe Cucumber Pickle
Risen Muffins
Roast Beef
Roast Lamb
Roll Jelly Cake
Roman Punch
Salad Dressing
Sally Lunn
Sally White Cake
Salmon Croquettes
Sand Tarts
Sandwich Dressing
Sauce Mousseline
Scalloped Potatoes
Snipe And Woodcock Broiled On Toast
Snow Balls
Snow Pudding
Soft Gingerbread
Soft Gingerbread
Soft Shell Crabs
Soles Or Smelts Cooked With MaÎtre D'hotel Sauce
Soup Regency
Southern Chicken Salad Splendid--try It Once
Spiced Green Grapes
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake
Steam Pudding
Steam Pudding
Steamed Brown Bread
Steamed Peaches
Stewed Tomatoes
Strawberry Blanc Mange
Strawberry Short Cake
Strawberry Short Cake
String Bean Salad (french Recipe )
Stuffed Eggs
Stuffed Green Peppers
Suet Pudding
Suet Pudding
Sunshine Cake
Superior Waffles
Sweet Pickled Peaches
Sweet-bread Croquettes
Sweetbread Patties
Sweetbreads And Oysters
Sweetbreads En Coquille
Tamales De Chile
Tamales De Dulce
Tartar Sauce
Terrapin Croquettes
Terrapin White Stew
Tomato Conserve
Tomato Salad
Tomato Salad (for Use When Fresh Tomatoes Are Not In The Market )
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup
Tutti Frutti Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Veal Croquettes
Veal Croquettes
Veal Fricassee
Vegetable Oyster
Vegetable Plum Pudding
Vegetable Salad
Velvet Cake
Walnut Cake
Watermelon Preserves
Welsh Rarebit
White Cake
White Corn Meal Cakes For Breakfast (a Rhode Island Dish )
White Stew Of Terrapin
Wild Duck In Maryland
Yorkshire Pudding

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