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Mrs. Mary Eales's Receipts


Take Kentish Cherries Or Morella And Tye Them In Bunches With
To Burn Almonds
To Candy Cowslips Or Any Flowers Or Greens In Bunches
To Candy Little Green-oranges
To Candy Orange-flowers
To Dry Amber Or Any White Plums
To Dry Angelica
To Dry Apricocks
To Dry Apricocks In Quarters Or Halves
To Dry Barberries
To Dry Black Figs
To Dry Black Pear-plums Or Muscles Or The Great Moguls
To Dry Cherries
To Dry Cherries In Bunches
To Dry Cherries Without Sugar
To Dry Currants In Bunches Or Loose Sprigs
To Dry Goosberries
To Dry Grapes
To Dry Green Figs
To Dry Green Plums
To Dry Oranges In Knots Or Lemmons
To Dry Peaches
To Dry Plums Like The French Plums With Stones In Them
To Ice Cream
To Make A Good Green
To Make A Trifle
To Make A Very Thick Raw Cream
To Make All Sorts Of Fruit-cream
To Make All Sorts Of Sugar-paste
To Make All Sorts Of Sugar-puffs
To Make Almond-butter
To Make Almond-butter
To Make Almond-cream
To Make Almond-loaves
To Make Almond-paste
To Make Almond-paste Either Bitter Or Sweet: The Bitter Are Ratafea
To Make Apple-jelly For All Sorts Of Sweet-meats
To Make Apricock Clear-cakes
To Make Apricock-jam
To Make Apricock-paste
To Make Barberry-drops
To Make Barley-cream
To Make Bean'd-bread
To Make Blamange
To Make Brown-wafers
To Make Butter'd Orange
To Make Caramel
To Make Cherry-jam
To Make Cherry-paste
To Make China Chips
To Make Chocolate-almonds
To Make Chocolate-cream
To Make Chocolate-puffs
To Make Citron Marmalet
To Make Citron-cream
To Make Clouted-cream
To Make Currant Clear-cakes
To Make Currant-paste Either Red Or White
To Make Eringo-cream
To Make Fruit-biscuit
To Make Goosberry Clear-cakes
To Make Goosberry-paste
To Make Hartshorn-flummery
To Make Hartshorn-jelly
To Make Honeycomb-cakes Of Orange-flower-violet Of Cowslips
To Make Ice Almond-cakes
To Make Jam Of Rasberries
To Make Lemmon-jelly
To Make Lemmon-wafers
To Make Little Round Ratafea-puffs
To Make Long-biscuit
To Make Orange Or Lemmon Clear-cakes
To Make Orange Or Lemmon-puffs
To Make Orange-butter
To Make Orange-drops
To Make Orange-halves Or Quarters With The Meat In Them
To Make Orange-marmalet
To Make Orange-paste
To Make Paring-chips
To Make Peach-chips
To Make Perfum'd Pastels
To Make Pistato-cream
To Make Pomegranate Clear-cakes
To Make Quince Clear-cakes
To Make Quince-chips
To Make Quince-paste
To Make Rasberry Clear-cakes
To Make Rasberry-drops
To Make Rasberry-paste
To Make Ratafea-cream
To Make Ratafea-drops Either Of Apricock-kernels Or Half Bitter And Half Sweet-almonds
To Make Raw-almond Or Ratafea-cream
To Make Red Plum Clear-cakes
To Make Red Plum-paste
To Make Red Quince-marmalet
To Make Rock-sugar
To Make Round Biscuit With Coriander Seeds
To Make Sack-posset Or Sack-cream
To Make Sego-cream
To Make Spanish-butter
To Make Spunge-biscuit
To Make Trout-cream
To Make White Pear-plum Clear-cakes
To Make White Plum-paste
To Make White Quince-marmalet
To Make Wormwood-cakes
To Preserve Apricocks
To Preserve Barberries
To Preserve Black Pear-plums Or Damascenes
To Preserve Cherries
To Preserve Citrons
To Preserve Cucumbers
To Preserve Golden Or Kentish-pippins
To Preserve Goosberries
To Preserve Grapes
To Preserve Green Apricocks
To Preserve Green Jennitins
To Preserve Or Dry Nutmeg-peaches
To Preserve Rasberries
To Preserve Red Currants
To Preserve White Currants
To Preserve White Pear-plums
To Preserve Whole Oranges Or Lemmons
To Preserve Whole Quinces
To Scald All Sorts Of Fruit
To Sugar All Sorts Of Small Fruit

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