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"t" Punch
Amherst Pudding
Apple Toddy I
Asparagus Aux Milanaise
Bacalas A La Viscaina
Badminton Claret Cup
Bake In A Long Bread Tin.
Baked Bananas
Baked Sardines
Baked Sole
Bisque Of Prawns Or Shrimps
Black Bean Soup
Bread And Molasses Pudding
Brown Betty
Calves' Feet A La Marechale
Calves' Head En Tortue
Celery Sauce
Celery Soup
Champagne Cup I
Champagne Cup Ii
Champagne Cup Iii
Champagne Cup Iv
Champagne Cup V
Champagne Punch
Chicken Portuguese
Chicken With Oysters
Chicken With Rice
Chicken With Spaghetti
Chili Beans
Chocolate Pudding
Chonfleur Au Gratin
Chops A La Reine
Clam Chowder I
Clam Chowder Ii
Clear Soup Stock
Club Salad
Cold Roast Beef Stewed
Corn Au Gratin
Crab A La Creole
Daniel Webster's Chowder
Devil Chops
Devil For Boiled Ham Or Fowl
Egg Sauce
Eggs With Tomatoes
Fig Filling For Cake
Filet Of Beef A La Rossini
Filet Of Sole A La Bohemian
Flounders A La Magouze
Force Meat Balls For Chowder
Fried Chicken, Maryland Style
Frogs A La Poulette
Frozen Zabajone
Garlic Sauce
Genoise Pastry
Gold Cake
Green Sauce
Hock Cup
Hollandaise Sauce
Hot Zabajone
Lady Baltimore Cake
Lamb Chops A La Nesselrode
Lamb Cutlets A La Condi
Lamb Cutlets Duchesse
Lamb With Macaroni
Lobster Soup
Macaroni A La Rossini
Marblehead Chowder
Marmalade Pudding
Melted Butter
Mexican Tripe
Milk Punch
Mince Meat
Moselle Cup
New York Club Punch
Omelette Souffle
Onion Sauce
Onion Soup
Oyster PatÚs
Oysters A La Marechale
Palestine Soup
Parker House Tomato Soup
Parsley Butter
Pheasant A La Savarin
Pork Pie
Potato Cream
Puree Of Chestnuts With Chops
Puree Of Venison
Quail And Onion
Quail With Celery
Salad Dressing Without Oil
Salmi Of Duck With Olives
Salmon A La Melville
Sardines With Cheese
Sauce For Canvas-back Duck
Sauce For Wild Fowl
Saute Of Shrimps
Sauterne Cup
Scalloped Clams
Scalloped Fish Roe
Scott's Chowder
Shrimp Or Oyster Curry
Shrimps A La Bordelaise
Shrimps With Tomato
Silver Cake
Sole A La Normandie
Spanish Bacon On Toast
Stewed Cold Mutton Or Beef
Stewed Fresh Tongue
Stewed Haddock
Stewed Squabs
Sweet Potatoes
Sweetbreads With Mushrooms
Thin Gingerbread
To Boil A Ham
To Boil Rice
Toasted Angels
Venison Soup
Winter Salad
Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire Steaks

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