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Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes


A Bacon Salad
A Batter And Fruit Pudding
A Bread Pudding For A Family
A Cheap Kind Of Mince-meat
A Cheaper Kind Of Chicken Broth
A Cooling Drink
A Cure For A Hard Dry Cough
A Cure For Burns Or Scalds
A Cure For Chilblains
A Cure For Cold In The Head
A Cure For Sprains
A Cure For The Sting Of Wasps Or Bees
A Cure For Toothache
A Dinner Of Red Herrings
A Fish Pie
A Ground Rice Pudding
A Plain Rice Pudding
A Plain Salad
A Pudding Made Of Small Birds
A Relish For Supper
A Salad Of Haricot Beans
A Simple Remedy Against Wind On The Stomach
A Summer Salad
A Treacle Pudding
Anchovy Sauce
Another Method For Making Economical Soup
Antispasmodic Tea
Apple Pudding
Apple-water Drink
Bacon And Cabbage Soup
Bacon Roll-pudding
Baked Apple Dumplings
Baked Apples
Baked Beef And Potatoes
Baked Bullock's Heart
Baked Cod's Head
Baked Fish
Baked Goose
Baked Mashed Potatoes
Baked Or Roast Ducks
Baked Or Roasted Onions
Baked Or Roasted Potatoes
Baked Pears
Baked Pig's Head
Baked Sheep's Heads
Baked Skate
Baked Sucking Pig
Baked Suet Pudding
Baked Tripe
Balm And Burrage Tea
Beef Tea
Beefsteaks Plain
Belgian Faggots
Black Puddings
Boiled Bacon And Cabbages
Boiled Beef
Boiled Shoulder Of Mutton With Onions
Boiled Tripe
Bouillabaisse Soup
Bran Tea: A Remedy For Colds Etc
Bread Sauce For A Roast Fowl
Broth Made From Bones For Soup
Brown And Polson Fruit Pudding
Brown And Polson Gruel
Brown And Polson Pudding
Brown And Polson Tea-cup Pudding For Infants
Brown And Polson Thick Milk
Bubble And Squeak
Bullock's Heart Stuffed
Buttered Eggs
Buttered Parsnips
Buttered Swedish Turnips
Camomile Tea
Celery Crab Salad
Chicken Broth
Christmas Plum Pudding
Cocky Leeky
Cow-heel Broth
Cow-heel Broth
Currant Jam
Curried Rice
Dandelion Tea
Economical Pot Liquor Soup
Economical Vegetable Pottage
Egg Sauce For Roast Fowls Etc
Eggs Stewed With Cheese
Eggs With Brown Butter
Fish Soup
Fried Cabbage And Bacon
Fried Eggs And Bacon
Fried Steaks And Onions
Fruit Pies In General
Giblet Pie
Gingerbread Nuts
Gruel Made With Oatmeal
Hard Biscuits
Haricot Beans Another Way
Hashed Meats
Hop Tea
How To Bake Your Own Bread
How To Boil Beef
How To Boil Potatoes
How To Brew Your Own Beer
How To Cook Broad Beans
How To Cook French Beans
How To Cook Spinach
How To Cook Vegetable Marrow
How To Cure Bacon
How To Cure Hams
How To Dispose Of The Pig's Pluck
How To Dress Haricot Beans
How To Fry Potatoes
How To Fry Potatoes An Easier Way
How To Make A Cordial For Colds
How To Make A Fish Curry
How To Make A Ground-rice Pudding
How To Make A Sago Pudding
How To Make A Small Batter-pudding
How To Make A Soothing Drink For Coughs
How To Make A Stringent Gargle
How To Make A Tapioca Pudding
How To Make A Tea-cup Bread-pudding
How To Make A Welsh Rarebit
How To Make An Arrow-root Pudding
How To Make An Omelet
How To Make Barley Water
How To Make Blancmange
How To Make Calf's-feet Jelly
How To Make Caudle
How To Make Coffee
How To Make Gooseberry Jam
How To Make Ground-rice Milk
How To Make Gruel
How To Make Gruel With Pearl Barley
How To Make Iceland-moss Jelly
How To Make Lemonade
How To Make Pork Sausages
How To Make Rice Water
How To Make Sick-diet Jelly
How To Make The Most Of A Pig After It Is Killed
How To Make Toast Water
How To Make Treacle Posset
How To Make White Wine Whey
How To Mash Potatoes
How To Melt Down The Seam Or Loose Fat
How To Mix Mustard
How To Prepare A Large Quantity Of Good Soup For The Poor
How To Prepare Arrow-root
How To Prepare Cocoa Nibs
How To Prepare Isinglass Jelly
How To Prepare Sago For Invalids
How To Prepare Tapioca
How To Preserve Rhubarb
How To Smoke Hams
How To Steam Potatoes
How To Stew Potatoes
How To Stew Red Cabbages
Hyssop Tea: A Remedy For Worms
Iceland-moss Jelly
Irish Stew
Italian Cheese
Jam Pudding
Jam Tart
Jugged Hare
Kidney Pudding
Knuckle Of Veal And Rice
Lime-flower Tea
Linseed Tea
Mashed Potatoes With Ling
Meat Panada For Invalids And Infants
Meat Pie
Mince-pie Paste
Mutton Broth
Mutton Chops Or Steaks
Norfolk Dumplings
Oatmeal Porridge For Six Persons
Onion Soup For Six Persons
Orangeade Or Orange Drink
Ox-cheek Soup
Pancakes For Shrove Tuesday
Parsley Sauce
Pea Soup For Six Persons
Peas And Bacon
Pig's Feet
Pig's Fry
Plum Broth
Plum Or Currant Dough Pudding
Plum Porridge Cold
Pork Chops Grilled Or Broiled
Potato Pie
Potato Pudding
Potato Soup For Six Persons
Pumpkin Porridge
Rabbit Pudding
Raisinet A Preserve For Winter
Refreshing Drink For Sore Throat Attended With Fever
Rhubarb Pie
Rice And Apples
Rice Dumplings
Rice Gruel A Remedy For Relaxed Bowels
Rice-milk For Six Persons
Roast Fowl And Gravy
Roast Pork
Roast Veal Stuffed
Sage Or Marygold Tea
Salt Fish With Parsnips
Sausage Dumplings
Sausage Rolls
Sharp Sauce For Broiled Meats
Sheep's Pluck
Soused Mackerel
Stewed Eels
Stewed Leg Of Beef
Stewed Muscles Or Mussels
Stewed Ox Kidney
Stewed Oysters
Stewed Prunes Or Pruens
Stewed Sausages
Stewed Sheep's Trotters
Stewed Steaks
Sweet Pudding Sauce
Thick Milk For Breakfast
This Is The Brown Gravy For The Fowl
This Is The Way To Boil Rice
To Boil Fish
To Fry Fish
To Make A Mince-pie
To Make Elder Wine
Toad In The Hole
Veal And Rice Broth
Veal Cutlets And Bacon
Vegetable Porridge
White Haricot Beans
Yeast Dumplings
Yorkshire Pie-clates For Tea
Yorkshire Pudding

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