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2 Veal Eggs In A Nest A La Turin

(May.) - (365 Luncheon Dishes)

Mince cold veal, season to taste, and wet slightly with a good gravy. To

each cupful allow a tablespoonful of finely minced blanched almonds, or

the same quantity of chopped mushrooms. Bind the mixture with a beaten

egg, stir over the fire one minute and set aside to cool. Flour your

hands and form into balls the size and shape of an egg; let them get

cold, roll in egg and cracker-dust and fry in deep fat. Arrange upon a

platter a border of spaghetti, boiled tender in salted water and

drained. Butter plentifully and pour carefully over it a cupful of

strained tomato sauce. Heap the eggs in the centre From "The National

Cook Book," by Marion Harland and Christine Terhune Herrick.

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