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A Norwegian Fish Dish

(Fish.) - (The Cookery Blue Book)

Take a fresh codfish weighing about 4 pounds; do not wash it, but wipe

with a soft cloth wrung out in cold water. Scrape all the flesh from

skin and bone; and put the head, bones and skin on to boil, and when

thoroughly cooked, strain. Take equal parts of scraped fish and chopped

suet, one tablespoon of salt and pound to a paste. Add 2 eggs, 2

tablespoonfuls of flour, a little mace and ginger. Boil some cream, and

when cold, gradually add enough to make a soft batter. Try a little of

this in the boiling stock to see if the consistency is right. Then put

in a buttered, breaded mould and cook two hours. If some of the batter

is left, form in balls and cook in the fish stock and serve as soup.

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