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A Yorkshire Christmas Pie

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Let the crust be made a good standing one; the wall and bottom must be

very thick. Take a turkey and bone it, a goose, a fowl, a partridge, and

a pigeon, and season all well. Take half an ounce of cloves, the same of

black pepper, and two table-spoonfuls of salt, and beat them well

together; let the fowls be slit down the back, and bone them; put the

pigeon into the partridge, the partridge into the fowl, the fowl into

the goose, and the goose into the turkey. Season all well first, and lay

them in the crust; joint a hare, and cut it into pieces; season it, and

lay it close on one side; on the other side woodcocks, or any other sort

of game; let them also be well seasoned and laid close. Put four or five

pounds of butter into the pie; cover it with a very rich paste, put it

in a very hot oven, and four hours will bake it.

A bushel of flour is about the quantity required for the paste.

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