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Alamode Beef No 1

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a piece of the round of beef, fresh and tender; beat it well, and

to six pounds of beef put one pound of bacon, cut into large pieces for

larding, and season it with pepper, cloves, and salt. Lard your beef,

and put it into your stewpan, with a bay-leaf or two, and two or three

onions, a bunch of parsley, a little lemon-peel, three spoonfuls of

vinegar, and the same quantity of beer. Cover it close, and set it over

a gentle charcoal fire; stew it very gently that your liquor may come

out; and shake it often to prevent its sticking. As the liquor

increases, make your fire a little stronger, and, when enough done, skim

off all the fat, and put in a glass of claret. Stew it half an hour

longer, and when you take it off your fire squeeze in the juice of a

lemon, and serve up. It must stew five hours; and is as good cold as


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