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(Passover Dishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

One pound of almonds, pounded; one pound of sugar, one or two eggs and
enough cinnamon to give a strong flavor. Bake in a shallow pan and cut
into small sections.

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1 pint sweet milk.
3/4 cup sugar.
3 eggs.
1 yeast cake or 1 cup yeast.
1/3 cup butter.
2 tablespoons rock candy.
1 orange.
2 tablespoons chopped almonds.
Set to rise early in the morning. To the scalded milk, when lukewarm,
add the yeast and flour enough to make a batter, cover, set to rise
until light, near the range, which will take several hours. Then add
the sugar, butter and eggs beaten to a cream, grated rind and juice of
orange, a couple tablespoons finely-chopped almonds, and add enough
flour to make a soft dough, as stiff as can be stirred with a spoon;
set to rise again, and when light, divide the dough in two portions,
from which you form two wreaths. Roll half the dough in three long
strips on the floured bake-board with the hands, then braid them
together. Place a large coffee cup or bowl inverted on the centre of a
large, round or oval, well-greased pan, lay the wreath around the
bowl. The bowl in the centre of the pan prevents the dough from
running together and forming a cake. Brush the top of the wreath with
a little milk, containing teaspoon of sugar, over the top of the
wreath, stick blanched, well-dried almonds, and strew thickly with
crushed rock candy or very coarse sugar.
Let rise until light, then bake. This makes two quite large wreaths.
The Professor's wife told Mary when she gave her this recipe, this
almond wreath was always served at the breakfast table on Christmas
morning at the home of her parents in Germany, and was always baked by
her mother, who gave her this recipe, and it was found on the
breakfast table of Frau Schmidt Christmas morning as regularly as was
made "Fast Nacht Kuchen" by Aunt Sarah every year on "Shrove Tuesday,"
the day before the beginning of the Lenten season.

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Twelve eggs.
Ten ounces of sifted flour, dried near the fire.
A pound of loaf sugar, powdered and sifted.
Twelve drops of essence of lemon.
A grated nutmeg.
A tea-spoonful of powdered cinnamon and mace, mixed.
Beat the eggs as light as possible. Eggs for sponge or almond
cakes require more beating than for any other purpose. Beat the
sugar, by degrees, into the eggs. Beat very hard, and continue to
beat some time after the sugar is all in.
No sort of sugar but loaf will make light sponge-cake. Stir in,
gradually, the spice and essence of lemon. Then, by degrees, put
in the flour, a little at a time, stirring round the mixture very
slowly with a knife. If the flour is stirred in too hard, the cake
will be tough. It must be done lightly and gently, so that the top
of the mixture will be covered with bubbles. As soon as the flour
is all in, begin to bake it, as setting will injure it.
Put it in small tins, well buttered, or in one large tin pan. The
thinner the pans, the better for sponge-cake. Fill the small tins
about half full. Grate loaf-sugar over the top of each, before you
set them in the oven.
Sponge-cake requires a very quick oven, particularly at the
bottom. It should be baked as fast as possible, or it will be
tough and heavy, however light it may have been before it went
into the oven. It is of all cakes the most liable to be spoiled in
baking. When taken out of the tins, the cakes should be spread on
a sieve to cool. If baked in one large cake, it should be iced.
A large cake of twelve eggs, should be baked at least an hour in a
quick oven.
For small cakes, ten minutes is generally sufficient. If they get
very much out of shape in baking, it is a sign that the oven is
too slow.
Some think that sponge-cakes and almond cakes are lighter, when
the yolks and whites of the eggs are beaten in separate pans, and
mixed gently together before the sugar is beaten into them.
If done separately from the yolks, the whites should be beaten
till they stand alone.

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Two ounces of blanched bitter almonds, pounded very fine.
Seven ounces of flour, sifted and dried.
Ten eggs.
One pound of loaf sugar, powdered and sifted.
Two table-spoonfuls of rose-water.
Take two ounces of shelled bitter almonds or peach-kernels. Scald
them in hot water, and as you peel them, throw them into a bowl of
cold water, then wipe them dry, and pound them one by one in a
mortar, till they are quite fine and smooth.
Break ten eggs, putting the yolks in one pan and the whites in
another. Beat them separately as light as possible, the whites
first, and then the yolks.
Add the sugar, gradually, to the yolks, beating it in very hard.
Then by degrees, Beat in the almonds, and then add the rose-water.
Stir-half the whites of the eggs into the yolks and sugar. Divide
the flour into two equal parts, and stir in one half, slowly and
lightly, till it bubbles on the top. Then the other half of the
white of egg, and then the remainder of the flour very lightly.
Butter a large square tin pan, or one made of paste-board which
will be better. Put in the mixture, and set immediately in a quick
oven, which must be rather hotter at the bottom than at the top.
Bake it according to the thickness. If you allow the oven to get
slack, the cake will be spoiled.
Make an icing with the whites of three eggs, twenty-four
tea-spoonfuls of loaf-sugar, and eight drops of essence of lemon.
When the cake is cool, mark it in small squares with a knife.
Cover it with icing, and ornament it while wet, with nonpareils
dropped on in borders, round each square of the cake. When the
icing is dry, cut the cake in squares, cutting through the icing
very carefully with a penknife. Or you may cat it in squares
first, and then ice and ornament each square separately.

Other Recipes

Almond Cake

(Bocca di dama)

Granulated sugar, nine ounces,

Very fine Hungarian flour, five ounces,

Sweet almonds with some bitter ones, two ounces,

Six whole eggs and three egg yolks,

Taste of lemon peel.

After skinning the almonds in warm water and drying them well, grind or

better pound them well together with a tablespoonful of sugar and mix

well with the flour. Put the rest of the sugar in a deep dish with the

egg yolks and the grated lemon peel (just a taste) and stir with a ladle

for a quarter of an hour. In another dish beat the six whites of egg and

when they have become quite thick mix them with other ingredients

stirring slowly everything together.

To bake place the mixture in a baking-tin greased evenly with butter and

sprinkled with powdered sugar and flour.

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Amaretti Leggieri Almond Cakes

Ingredients: Almonds (sweet and bitter), eggs, castor sugar.

Blanch equal quantities of sweet and bitter almonds, and dry them a

little in the oven, then pound them in a mortar, and add nearly double

their quantity of castor sugar. Mix with the white of an egg well beaten

up into a snow, and shape into little balls about the size of a pigeon's

egg. Put them on a piece of stout white paper, and bake them in a very

slow oven. They should be very light and delicate in flavour.

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Almond Cake

Beat the yelks of twelve eggs to a froth, with a pound of powdered white

sugar. Beat the whites of nine eggs to a stiff froth, and stir them into

the yelks and sugar. When the whole has been stirred together for ten

minutes, add gradually a pound of sifted flour, and half a pound of

almonds, blanched and pounded fine, then stir in three table-spoonsful

of thick cream. As soon as the ingredients are well mixed in, turn the

cake into buttered pans, and bake it immediately. Frost the cake with

the reserved whites of the eggs as soon as it is baked.

Other Recipes

Almond Cake

Take a pound of almonds; blanch them in cold water, and beat them as

small as possible in a stone mortar with a wooden pestle, putting in, as

you beat them, some orange-flower water. Then take twelve eggs, leaving

out half of the whites; beat them well; put them to your almonds, and

beat them together, above an hour, till it becomes of a good thickness.

As you beat it, sweeten it to your taste with double-refined sugar

powdered, and when the eggs are put in add the peel of two large lemons

finely rasped. When you beat the almonds in the mortar with

orange-water, put in by degrees about four spoonfuls of citron water or

ratafia of apricots, or, for want of these, brandy and sack mixed

together, two spoonfuls of each. The cake must be baked in a tin pan;

flour the pan before you put the cake into it. To try if it is done

enough, thrust a straw through it, and if the cake sticks to the straw

it is not baked enough; let it remain till the straw comes out clean.

Other Recipes

Almond Cakes

Take one pound of almonds, blanch them; then take one pound of

double-refined sugar, beaten very small; crack the almonds, one by one,

upon the tops; put them into the sugar; mix them, and then beat them

well together till they will work like paste. Make them into round

cakes; take double-refined sugar, pounded and sifted, beat together with

the white of an egg, and, when the cakes are hardened in the oven, take

them out, and cover one side with sugar with a feather; then put them

into the oven again, and, when one side is hardened, take them out and

do the same on the other side. Set them in again to harden, and

afterwards lay them up for use.

Other Recipes

Clear Almond Cakes

Take the small sort of almonds; steep them in cold water till they will

blanch, and as you blanch them throw them into water. Wipe them dry, and

beat them in a stone mortar, with a little rose-water, and as much

double-refined sugar, sifted, as will make them into clear paste. Roll

them into any size you please; then dry them in an oven after bread has

been drawn, so that they may be dry on both sides; when they are cold,

make a candy of sugar; wet it a little with rose-water; set it on the

fire; stir it till it boils, then take it off, and let it cool a little.

With a feather spread it over the cakes on one side; lay them upon

papers on a table; take the lid of a baking-pan, put some coals on it,

and set it over the cakes to raise the candy quickly. When they are

cold, turn the other side, and serve it in the same manner.

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