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Almond Cream

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Beat half a pound of fine almonds, blanched in cold water, very fine,

with orange-flower water. Take a quart of cream boiled, cooled, and

sweetened; put the almonds into it by degrees, and when they are well

mixed strain it through canvass, squeezing it very well. Then stir it

over the fire until it thickens; if you like it richly perfumed, add one

grain of ambergris, and if you wish to give it the ratafia flavour, beat

some apricot kernels with it.

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Almond Creams

And from _sweet kernels_ pressed,

She tempers _dulcet creams_.


Blanch and pound to a paste, with rose-water, six ounces of almonds; mix

them with a pint and a half of cream which has been boiled with the peel

of a small lemon; add two well-beaten eggs, and stir the whole over the

fire till it be thick, taking care not to allow it to boil; sweeten it,

and when nearly cold, stir in a tablespoonful of orange-flower or


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Almond Creams Walnut Creams Chocolate Creams

To the white of 1 egg add an equal quantity of cold water, stir in 1

pound confectioner's sugar, flavor with vanilla, and stir with the hand

until fine, then mold into small balls, and drop into melted chocolate.

For walnut creams, make cream as above, and mold into larger balls,

placing 1/2 an English walnut on either side. Also, for almond creams,

the same cream as above, and cover the blanched almonds with it, forming

them into balls and rolling them in granulated sugar.

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Unboiled Almond Cream

Take half a pound of almonds; blanch them, and cut out all their spots:

then beat them very fine, in a clean stone or wooden mortar, with a

little rose-water, and mix them with one quart of sweet cream. Strain

them as long as you can get any out. Take as much fine sugar as will

sweeten it, a nutmeg cut into quarters, some large mace, three spoonfuls

of orange-flower water, as much rose-water, with musk or ambergris

dissolved in it; put all these things into a glass churn; shake them

continually up and down till the mass is as thick as butter; before it

is broken, pour it all into a clean dish; take out the nutmeg and the

mace; when it is settled smooth, scatter some comfits or scrape some

hard sugar upon it.

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Almond Cream

Make this in the manner directed for pistachio cream, adding half a

dozen bitter almonds to the sweet.

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