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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Blanch half a pound of fine almonds, pound them to a paste, a few
drops of water are necessary to be added, from time to time, or they
become oily; then mix thoroughly with it half a pound of white sifted
sugar, put it into a preserving pan, and let them simmer very gently
until they become dry enough not to stick to a clean spoon when
touched; it must be constantly stirred.

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Almond Paste For Shapes &c

Blanch half a pound of almonds in cold water; let them lie twenty-four

hours in cold water, then beat them in a mortar, till they are very

fine, adding the whites of eggs as you beat them. Put them in a stewpan

over a stove fire, with half a pound of double-refined sugar, pounded

and sifted through a lawn sieve; stir it while over the fire, till it

becomes a little stiff; then take it out, and put it between two plates,

till it is cold. Put it in a pan, and keep it for use. It will keep a

great while in a cool place. When you use it, pound it a little in a

mortar, or mould it in your hands; then roll it out thin in whatever

shape you choose, or make it up into walnuts or other moulds; press it

down close that it may receive the impression of the nut, &c., and with

a pin take it out of the mould and turn it out upon copper sheets, and

so proceed till you have a sufficient quantity. The mould should be

lightly touched with oil. Bake them of a light brown; fill them with

sweetmeats, &c. and such as should be closed, as nuts, &c. cement

together with isinglass boiled down to a proper consistence.

Other Recipes

Almond Paste

Blanch one pound of sweet and two ounces of bitter almonds, pound them

in a mortar, adding a little rose-water as you go on, to prevent oiling;

and when all the almonds are reduced to a perfectly smooth paste, mix

them with an equal weight of icing sugar. Moisten the paste with a

packet of Nelson's Albumen dissolved in three teaspoonfuls of cold

water, and spread it evenly on the cake, allowing it to become dry and

firm before spreading the icing over it. This paste can be used for

making several kinds of cakes and sweetmeats, and without the Albumen

can be kept in bottles for some time. Almond paste can be made from

bitter almonds which have been infused in spirit to make an extract for

flavouring, and in this case no sweet almonds will be required.

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