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Almond Paste For Shapes &c

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Blanch half a pound of almonds in cold water; let them lie twenty-four

hours in cold water, then beat them in a mortar, till they are very

fine, adding the whites of eggs as you beat them. Put them in a stewpan

over a stove fire, with half a pound of double-refined sugar, pounded

and sifted through a lawn sieve; stir it while over the fire, till it

becomes a little stiff; then take it out, and put it between two plates,

till it is cold. Put it in a pan, and keep it for use. It will keep a

great while in a cool place. When you use it, pound it a little in a

mortar, or mould it in your hands; then roll it out thin in whatever

shape you choose, or make it up into walnuts or other moulds; press it

down close that it may receive the impression of the nut, &c., and with

a pin take it out of the mould and turn it out upon copper sheets, and

so proceed till you have a sufficient quantity. The mould should be

lightly touched with oil. Bake them of a light brown; fill them with

sweetmeats, &c. and such as should be closed, as nuts, &c. cement

together with isinglass boiled down to a proper consistence.

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