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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Slice thin, skin and all, one grapefruit, one orange, one lemon. Add to
this three times its measure of water and allow to stand overnight. Cook
for ten minutes the next morning and then allow to stand until the next
morning, when finish by adding as much sugar as there is liquid and
boiling slowly until done, or until it jellies. The time commonly given
is two hours, but a half hour less than this is ample.

Other Recipes

Amber Marmalade

1 orange

1 grape fruit

1 lemon

Slice very thin. Measure the fruit and add 3 times the quantity of

water. Stand in an earthen dish over night and in morning boil for ten

minutes. Stand another night and the second morning add pint for pint of

sugar and boil steadily until it jellies.

This should make 8 or 10 glasses but the size of fruit determines the

quantity. Stir as little as possible during the two hours or more of the

cooking which it requires. Do not use the rind of the grape fruit.

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