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From MRS. MARIAM D. COOPER, of Montana, Alternate Lady Manager.
Mix two tablespoons mustard with enough hot water to make smooth;
three tablespoons olive oil; very little red or white pepper; salt;
yolk of one egg; mix with hand and net aside to cool; warm to spread.
Blue points are the only proper oysters to serve for luncheon or
dinner. They should always be served in the deep shell, and if
possible upon "oyster plates," but may be neatly served upon cracked
ice, covered with a small napkin, in soup plates. The condiments are
salt, pepper, cayenne, Tabasco sauce, and horse radish. A quarter of
lemon is also properly served with each plate, but the gourmet prefers
salt, pepper, and horse radish, as the acid of lemon does violence to
the delicious flavor of the freshly-opened bivalve. Clams should be
served in precisely the same way.
Bouillon is made of beef, and must be rich and nutritious. Take ten
pounds of good clear beef cut from the middle part of the round. Wipe
and cut the meat into pieces. Put this into one gallon of water and
heat slowly; skim just as the water begins to boil. When this is done
place the pot where it will simmer slowly for five or six hours. One
hour before removing add two blades of celery, ten pepper corns, six
cloves, small stick of cinnamon, and salt. Should one prefer it plain,
do not put in the spices. Strain and cool. Before using, take off all
fat. It is then ready to heat and serve in cups for luncheons and
The foundation of all excellent soup is a stock made from beef. For a
dinner company heavy soup is not so desirable as a good, clear, rich
soup, and I add a tried recipe from "Practical Cooking and Dinner
Giving," called:

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