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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Mary was taught by her Aunt, when preparing a dish calling for yolks
of eggs only, to place the white of eggs not used in a glass jar which
she stood in a cold place or on ice. When she had saved one even
cupful she baked an angel cake over the following recipe:
One heaping cup of pulverized sugar (all the cup will hold), was
sifted 8 times. One cup of a mixture of pastry flour and corn starch
(equal parts) was also sifted 8 times. The whole was then sifted
together 4 times. The one cupful of white of eggs was beaten very
stiff. When about half beaten, sprinkle over the partly-beaten eggs
one scant teaspoonful of cream of tartar, then finish beating the
whites of eggs. Flavor with almond or vanilla. Then carefully sift
into the stiffly beaten whites of eggs sugar, flour and corn starch.
Fold into the whites of eggs rather than stir. Aunt Sarah always baked
this cake in a small, oblong bread pan. This cake should be baked in a
_very_ moderate oven, one in which the hand might be held without
inconvenience while counting one hundred; the oven should be just hot
enough for one to know there was fire in the range. Do not open the
oven door for 15 minutes, then increase the heat a little; if not too
hot, open the oven door a moment to cool and bake slowly for about 55

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