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Animelle All'italiana Sweetbread

(Beef, Mutton, Veal, Lamb) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste)

Ingredients: Sweetbread, butter, onions, salt, herbs, eggs, glaze,

Risotto (No. 190), truffles, quenelles of fowl, Espagnole sauce, white


Blanch as many sweetbreads as you require, cut them into quarters and

saute them in butter with a small onion cut up, salt, and a bunch of

herbs. Then pour over them two cups of white sauce and cook gently for

twenty minutes; take out the sweetbreads and put them in a stewpan.

Reduce the sauce, and add to it a mixture made of the yolks of four

eggs, one and a half ounce of butter and a teaspoonful of glaze; pass it

through a sieve, pour it over the sweetbreads, and keep them warm in a

bain-marie. Have ready a good Risotto all'Italiana (No. 190), and put

it into a border mould (but first decorate the inside of the mould with

slices of truffle), put it in a moderate oven, and when it is warm turn

it out on a dish. Place the sweetbreads on the risotto and fill in the

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