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Another Way Richer

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take two quarts of cream, and boil it with whole spice; then take twelve

eggs, well beaten and strained; take the cream from the fire, and stir

in the eggs, and as much sugar as will sweeten it according to the taste

of those who are to drink it; then a pint of wine, or more--sack,

sherry, or Lisbon. Set it on the fire again, and let it stand awhile;

then take a ladle, and raise it up gently from the bottom of the skillet

you make it in, and break it as little as you can, and do so till you

see that it is thick enough. Then put it into a basin with a ladle

gently. If you do it too much or too quickly it will whey, and that is

not good.

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