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Apple Fraise

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pare six large apples, take out the cores, cut them in slices, and fry

them on both sides with butter; put them on a sieve to drain; mix half a

pint of milk and two eggs, with flour, to batter, not too stiff; put in

a little lemon-peel, shred very fine, and a little beaten cinnamon. Put

some butter into a frying-pan, and make it hot; put in half the batter,

and lay the apples on it; let it fry a little to set it; then put the

remaining batter over it; fry it on one side; then turn it, and fry the

other brown: put it into a dish; strew powder-sugar over it, and squeeze

on it the juice of a Seville orange.

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