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Apple Meringue

(Desserts.) - (The Golden Age Cook Book)

Put a pint of apple sauce, made of tart cooking apples, slightly

sweetened, into a pudding dish. Beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff

froth and stir into it a cup and a quarter of sugar, flavor with a very

little extract of lemon--a few drops only--and spread over the apple

sauce, and bake twenty or twenty-five minutes. Make a custard of the

four egg yolks and a pint of milk, sweeten to taste and flavor with

vanilla. Serve the meringue very cold in the dish in which it is baked,

with the custard as a sauce in a sauceboat or glass pitcher.

Other Recipes

Apple Meringue

Beat up two packets of Nelson's Albumen with six small teaspoonfuls of

water, and stir them into half-a-pound of stiff apple-sauce flavoured

with Nelson's Essence of Lemon. Put the meringue on a bright tin or

silver dish, pile it up high in a rocky shape, and bake in a quick oven

for ten minutes.

Other Recipes

Apple Meringue

Pare and stew a few apples just as you would for sauce; take two or

three slices of bread, butter them well. Line a bread pan with pie

crust, cover with a layer of the apple sauce well sweetened with

sugar, next a layer of bread, then of apples. Bake till done. Beat

the white of an egg for meringue, spread on top and brown in the

oven. Serve with cream or sauce of any kind.--Mrs. Hugh Parry.

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