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Apple Sandwiches

(Salads And Salad Dressings) - (The Suffrage Cook Book)

Take bran or whole wheat bread cut thin and spread thin with peanut

butter. Wash, pare, quarter, core and slice the apples very thin spread

between the bread. Or the bread can be buttered and thin slices of apple

put between, then the apple is dusted with a little salt.

Nothing lovelier can be found in woman, than to

study household good. Milton's Paradise Lost.

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Nut And Apple Sandwiches

Put a half cupful of thick stewed apples into a bowl, add the grated

yellow rind of quarter of an orange and one cupful of finely chopped

mixed nuts. Spread this on saltines, Uneedas, or any crisp cracker. Put

on top another cracker and serve at once. These are very nice for

children's parties. Of course one may use buttered bread, either white

or brown.

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