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(Mehlspeise (flour Foods)) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take one pound of fresh beef heart fat, shave it as fine as possible
with a knife. Sift one quart of flour into a deep bowl, add two tumblers
of ice-cold water, one tablespoon of brown sugar, a saltspoon of salt,
then add the shaved heart fat and work well into the sifted flour. Put
it on a pie-board and work as you would bread dough, with the palm of
your hand, until it looks smooth enough to roll. Do not work over five
minutes. Now take half of this dough, flour your pie-board slightly and
roll out as you would pie dough, about once as thick. Grease a deep
pudding-dish (an iron one is best), one that is smaller at the bottom
than the top, grease it well, line the pudding-dish, bottom and sides,
clear to the top, fill this one-third full with chopped tart apples,
raisins, part of a grated lemon peel, citron cut quite fine, pounded
almonds and melted drippings here and there. Sprinkle thickly with
sugar, half brown and half white, and a little ground cinnamon. Moisten
each layer with one-half wine-glass of wine. Now put another layer of
dough, rolling out half of the remaining dough and reserving the other
half for the top covering, fill again with apples, raisins, etc., until
full, then put on top layer. Press the dough firmly together all round
the edge, using a beaten egg to make sure of its sticking. Roll the side
dough over the top with a knife and pour a cup of water over the pudding
before setting it in the oven. Time for baking, two hours. If the top
browns too quickly, cover.
This advantage of this pudding is, it may be baked the day previous to
using, in fact, it is better the oftener it is warmed over--always
adding a cup of water before setting it in the oven. Before serving the
pudding turn it out carefully on a large platter, pour a wine-glass of
brandy which has been slightly sweetened over the pudding and light it,
carry to the table in flames. A novice had better try this pudding
plain, omitting the wine, brandy, almonds and citron, moistening with
water instead of wine before baking. Almost as nice and very good for
ordinary use. Some apples require more water than others, the cook
having to use her own judgment regarding the amount required.

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