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(Mehlspeise (flour Foods)) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Into a large mixing bowl place one and one-half cups of flour and
one-quarter teaspoon of salt. Beat one egg lightly and add it to
one-third cup of warm water and combine the two mixtures. Mix the dough
quickly with a knife; then knead it, place on board, stretching it up
and down to make it elastic, until it leaves the board clean. Now toss
it on a well-floured board, cover with a hot bowl and keep in a warm
place. While preparing the filling lay the dough in the centre of a
well-floured tablecloth on the table; roll out a little, brush well with
some melted butter, and with hands under dough, palms down, pull and
stretch the dough gently, until it is as large as the table and thin as
paper, and do not tear the dough. Spread one quart of sour apples,
peeled and cut fine, one-quarter pound of almonds blanched and chopped,
one-half cup of raisins and currants, one cup of sugar and one teaspoon
of cinnamon, evenly over three-quarters of the dough, and drop over them
a few tablespoons of melted butter. Trim edges. Roll the dough over
apples on one side, then hold cloth high with both hands and the strudel
will roll itself over and over into one big roll, trim edges again. Then
twist the roll to fit the greased pan. Bake in a hot oven until brown
and crisp and brush with melted butter. If juicy small fruits or berries
are used, sprinkle bread crumbs over the stretched dough to absorb the
juices. Serve slightly warm.

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