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(Frozen Desserts) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pare and grate one dozen apricots, and blanch a few of the kernels. Then
pound them and add to the grated fruit. Pour a pint of water over them,
adding the juice of a lemon also. Let them stand for an hour and strain,
adding one-half pound of sugar just before freezing.

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Make syrup same as lemon ice; add one can of apricots (mashed fine),
three lemons, and juice of one orange, if wanted. Freeze same as
lemon ice.

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1 quart of cream
1/2 pound of sugar
4 ounces of sweet almonds
1 tablespoonful of caramel
1 teaspoonful of vanilla extract
4 tablespoonfuls of sherry
Shell, blanch and roast the almonds until they are a golden brown, then
grate them. Put half the cream and all the sugar over the fire in a double
boiler. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, take it from the fire, add the
caramel and the almonds, and, when cold, add the remaining pint of cream,
the vanilla and the sherry. Freeze as directed on page 7.
This quantity will serve eight persons.

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1 pound of tart apples
1 cupful of sugar
1 pint of water
Juice of one lemon or lime
Quarter and core the apples, but do not pare them. Slice them, add the
water, cover and stew until tender, about five minutes. Press through a
sieve, add the sugar and lemon juice. When cold, freeze as directed. Serve
in lemonade glasses at dinner with roasted duck, goose or pork.
This will serve six persons.

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