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(Fish.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

2 lbs. Artichokes--3d.

2 Onions--1/2d.

1 1/2 pints Milk--4d.

2 quarts Bone Stock (White)

1 tablespoonful Vinegar

1 tablespoonful Lemon Juice

1 doz. White Peppercorns--1d.

Total Cost--8 1/2 d

Time--One Hour and a Quarter.

Peel the artichokes and lay them in vinegar and water for an
hour; this will make them a good colour. Mix up half a pint of the milk
with the stock, and boil the artichokes, onions, and peppercorns in
this for an hour. Rub through a hair sieve with a wooden spoon. Stir in
the milk and some salt, pour back into the saucepan and stir until it
boils. If the artichokes do not thicken the soup sufficiently, sprinkle
in a little sago or semolina when it is returned to the saucepan. Serve
with fried bread.

Other Recipes

Artichoke Soup

Slice into cold water to keep the color, boil an hour or more in two

quarts of water, season highly with butter, pepper and salt, and just

before taking up, add a cup of cream.

Other Recipes

Artichoke Soup

Melt a piece of butter the size of an egg in a

saucepan; then fry in it one white turnip sliced, one red onion sliced,

three pounds of Jerusalem artichokes washed, pared, and sliced, and a

rasher of bacon. Stir these in the boiling butter for about ten minutes,

add gradually one pint of stock. Let all boil together until the

vegetables are thoroughly cooked, then add three pints more of stock;

stir it well; add pepper and salt to taste, strain and press the

vegetables through a sieve, and add one pint of boiling milk. Boil for

five minutes more and serve.

Other Recipes

Artichoke Soup

3 pounds Jerusalem artichokes after peeling.

2 pints water.

1 pint milk.

2 ounces butter.

2 teaspoons salt.

2 shalots.

2 teaspoons chopped celery.

1 tablespoon sago.

1 dozen peppercorns, with a suspicion of mace and cinnamon tied in


Peel the artichokes and throw them into cold water. Dissolve the butter

in a large enamelled saucepan, slice the artichokes and fry for five

minutes in the butter, then add the water, shalots and celery chopped,

and the seasonings. Boil for three-quarters of an hour, removing the

scum as it rises. Add milk and sago, and stir frequently for twenty

minutes. Rub through a hair sieve into a tureen.

Note.--Cream is often recommended for this soup, but when sago and milk

are used as above, the result will be found extremely satisfactory, and

the expense considerably lessened.

Other Recipes

Brown Artichoke Soup

Wash, peel, and cut into slices about half-an-inch thick two pounds of

Jerusalem artichokes. Fry them in a little butter until brown; fry also

brown half-a-pound of sliced onions. Put these to boil in two quarts of

water with two turnips, a carrot sliced, two teaspoonfuls of salt, and

one of pepper. When the vegetables are tender drain the liquor, set it

aside to cool, and remove all fat. Pass the vegetables through a fine

sieve to a nice smooth puree. Those who possess a Kent's "triturating

strainer" will be able to do this much more satisfactorily, both as

regards time and results, than by the old way of rubbing through a

sieve. Put the liquor on to boil, dissolve in it--according to the

strength the soup is required to be--the contents of one or two tins of

Nelson's Extract of Meat, then add the vegetable puree, a lump or two

of sugar, and if required, salt and pepper. Let it boil up and serve.

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