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Asparagus Omelet

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Make a plain omelet and when the eggs are firming, lay over one half of

it hot seasoned tops of asparagus, and fold over the other half.

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22 Asparagus Omelet

Boil a bunch of asparagus and when tender cut the green ends into very

small pieces, mix them with four well-beaten eggs and add a little salt

and pepper. Melt a piece of butter, about two ounces, in an omelet-pan,

pour in the mixture, stir until it thickens, fold over and serve with

clear brown gravy.

Other Recipes

Frittata Con Asparagi Asparagus Omelette

Ingredients: Eggs, asparagus, butter, ham, herbs, cheese.

Blanch a dozen heads of asparagus and cook them slightly, then cut them

up and mix with two ounces of butter, bits of cut-up ham, herbs, and a

tablespoonful of grated Parmesan. Add them to three beaten-up eggs and

make an omelette.

Other Recipes

Asparagus Omelet

Beat up six eggs, put some cream to them. Boil some asparagus, cut off

the green heads, and mix with the eggs; add pepper and salt. Make the

pan hot; put in some butter; fry the omelet, and serve it hot.

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