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(Soups) - (The Jewish Manual)

Take eight pounds of gravy beef, with five pints of water, a few sweet
herbs, and an onion shred, with a little pepper and salt; when the
strength of the meat is sufficiently extracted, strain off the soup,
and add to it a bundle of asparagus, cut small, with a little chopped
parsley and mint; the asparagus should be thoroughly done. A few
minutes before serving, throw in some fried bread cut up the size
of dice; pound a little spinach to a pulp, and squeeze it through a
cloth, stir about a tea-cup full of this essence into the soup, let it
boil up after to prevent a raw taste.

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Proceed as with cream of celery soup, substituting one-half bundle of
fresh asparagus or an equal amount of canned for the stalk of celery.
Or, the tips of a bundle of asparagus may be cut off for table use and
the remainder used for soup. In either case the asparagus will be better
if mashed through a colander, thus removing the woody portions.

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From MRS. JAMES R. DEANE, of California, Lady Manager.
Two pounds potatoes; two ounces butter; two tablespoonfuls chopped
onions; two tablespoonfuls chopped celery; one quart milk; one quart
boiling water; one-half cupful sago; one-half teaspoonful pepper; one
teaspoonful salt. Wash, peel and slice potatoes, onions and celery.
Melt the butter and add it to the vegetables, stirring it for five
minutes to keep it from browning or burning. Then add the boiling
water. When the vegetables are soft, rub them through a sieve; add the
milk, and when the soup is boiling, add the sago, a little at a time,
and cook until the sago looks clear. Stir the soup well and add
seasoning the last.

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Asparagus Soup

Boil tips and stalks separately, when the stalks are soft, mash and rub

them through a sieve. Boil a pint of rich milk, thicken it with a

tablespoonful each of butter and flour and add the water in which the

asparagus was boiled and the pulp. Season with salt, pepper, a very

little sugar, and lastly a gill of cream, add the tips, boil all

together a minute and serve with toast or crackers.

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Asparagus Soup

Take seventy-five heads of asparagus; cut away the

hard, tough part, and boil the rest until tender. Drain them, and throw

half into cold water until the soup is nearly ready, and press the other

half through a hair sieve. Stir the pressed asparagus into two pints of

stock, and let it boil; add salt, pepper, and a small lump of sugar. Cut

the remaining heads of asparagus into peas; put them into the soup, and

in a few minutes serve. If necessary color with a little spinach green.

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Asparagus Soup

12 stalks asparagus, or

1/3 cup canned asparagus tips

2/3 cup chicken stock

1/4 slice onion.

Yolk one egg

1 tablespoon heavy cream

1/8 teaspoon salt

Few grains pepper

Cover asparagus with cold water, bring to boiling point, drain, and

add stock and onion; let simmer eight minutes, rub through a sieve,

reheat, add cream, egg and seasonings. Strain and serve.

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Asparagus Soup

4 bunches asparagus

1 small onion

1 pint milk

1/2 pint cream

1 1/2 tablespoon sugar

1 large tablespoon butter

1 1/2 tablespoon flour

pepper to season

Wash and clean asparagus, put in saucepan with just enough water to

cover, boil until little points are soft.

Cut these off and lay aside. Fry onion in the butter and put in saucepan

with the asparagus. Cook until very soft mashing occasionally so as to

extract all juice from the asparagus.

When thoroughly cooked put through sieve. Now add salt, sugar and flour


Stir constantly and add milk and cream, and serve at once. (Do not place

again on stove as it might curdle. Croutons may be served with this).

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Asparagus Soup

60 heads of asparagus.

1 cabbage lettuce.

2 quarts of water.

1 ounce of butter.

6 medium-sized onions.

A sprig of mint.

1 tablespoon of sago.

2 teaspoons of salt.

1/2 teaspoon of pepper.

2 or 3 drops of spinach extract.

Dissolve the butter in a large saucepan, place in the lettuce finely

shredded, the salt, pepper, mint, onions sliced, water, and the green

portion of the asparagus, but reserving thirty tops. Boil one hour. Stir

in the sago and boil again, stirring frequently for half an hour without

the lid. Boil the thirty tops separately in a little salted water until

tender. Strain the soup through a hair sieve (rubbing the pulp through

with a wooden spoon) into a hot tureen, add the tops and the colouring,

and serve.

Note.--If the soup be made some time before required, do not cook the

tops until it is being re-heated.

Other Recipes

Asparagus Soup

Put five or six pounds of lean beef, cut in pieces and rolled in flour,

into your stewpan, with two or three slices of bacon at the bottom: set

it on a slow fire and cover it close, stirring it now and then, till

your gravy is drawn; then put in two quarts of water and half a pint of

pale ale; cover it close and let it stew gently for an hour. Put in some

whole pepper and salt to your taste. Then strain out the liquor and take

off the fat; put in the leaves of white beet, some spinach, some cabbage

lettuce, a little mint, sorrel, and sweet marjoram, pounded; let these

boil up in your liquor. Then put in your green tops of asparagus, cut

small, and let them boil till all is tender. Serve hot, with the crust

of a French roll in the dish.


Boil three half pints of winter split peas; rub them through a sieve;

add a little gravy; then stew by themselves the following

herbs:--celery, a few young onions, a lettuce, cut small, and about half

a pint of asparagus, cut small, like peas, and stewed with the rest;

colour the soup of a pea green with spinach juice; add half a pint of

cream or good milk, and serve up.

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