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(EntrÉes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Set on to boil two calf's feet, chopped up, one pound of beef and one
calf's head with one quart water and one cup of white wine. Add one
celery root, three small onions, a bunch of parsley, one dozen whole
peppercorns, half a dozen cloves, two bay leaves and a teaspoon of fine
salt. Boil steadily for eight hours and then pour through a fine hair
sieve. When cold remove every particle of fat and set on to boil again,
skimming until clear. Then break two eggs, shells and all, into a deep
bowl, beat them up with one cup of vinegar, pour some of the soup stock
into this and set all back on the stove to boil up once, stirring all
the while. Then remove from the fire and pour through a jelly-bag as you
would jelly. Pour into jelly-glasses or one large mould. Set on ice.
Fry a large goose liver in goose-fat. Season with salt, pepper, a few
whole cloves and a very little onion. Cut it up in slices and mix with
the sulz and the whites of hard-boiled eggs.

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