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Astachi All'italiana Lobster

(Fish) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste)

Ingredients: Lobsters, Velute sauce, Marsala, butter, forcemeat of fish,

olives, anchovy butter, button mushrooms, truffles, lemon, crayfish,

Italian sauce.

Two boiled lobsters are necessary. Cut all the flesh of one of the

lobsters into fillets and put them into a saucepan with half a cup of

Velute sauce (No. 2) and half a glass of Marsala, and boil for a few

minutes. Put a crouton of fried bread on an oval dish and cover it with

a forcemeat of fish, and on this place the whole lobster, cover it with

buttered paper, and put it in a moderate oven just long enough to cook

the forcemeat. Then make some quenelles of anchovy butter, olives, and

button mushrooms, mix them with Italian sauce (No. 6), and garnish the

dish with them, and round the crouton arrange the fillets of lobster

with a garnish of slices of truffle. Add a dessert-spoonful of crayfish

butter and a good squeeze of lemon juice to the sauce, and serve.

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