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Bake in slow oven

(Cookies) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take half a pound of strained honey, half a pound of sifted powdered
sugar, half a pound of almonds (cut in half lengthwise), half a pound of
finest flour, one ounce of citron (cut or chopped extremely fine), peel
of a lemon, a little grated nutmeg, also a pinch of ground cloves and a
wineglass of brandy. Set the honey and sugar over the fire together, put
in the almonds, stir all up thoroughly. Next put in the spices and work
into a dough. Put away in a cold place for a week, then roll about as
thick as a finger. Bake in a quick oven and cut into strips with a sharp
knife after they are baked (do this while hot), cut three inches long
and two inches wide.

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