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Baked Apple Dumplings

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Ingredients, one pound of flour, four ounces of chopped suet, half a

pint of water, a pinch of salt, eight or ten large apples peeled. With

the above ingredients prepare some suet paste, as directed in No. 97;

divide the paste into about eight equal parts, first make these into

balls with the hand, and then roll them out with a rolling-pin to the

size of a large saucer, envelop an apple in each flat of paste, and,

wetting the edges with water, gather them round in a purse-like form,

and twist the ends tightly together to fasten them securely. The

dumplings, thus formed, must be placed on the twisted end, at equal

distances of three inches apart from each other, upon a tin baking-dish,

and baked in the oven for about three-quarters of an hour.

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French Baked Apple Dumplings.

Season 3 pounds of veal with salt, pepper and lemon-juice. Put a few
slices of bacon in a stew-pan; when hot, add the veal. Cover and let
brown a few minutes; then add 2 carrots and 1 onion sliced thin, some
thyme and mace; pour over 1 cup of hot water. Cover and let cook
slowly until tender. Thicken with flour mixed with 1/2 cup of milk.
Add chopped parsley; season to taste and serve with baked potatoes.

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Baked Apple Dumplings

Sift a pint of flour with a teaspoonful of baking powder and half a

teaspoonful of salt. Put a quarter of a pint of butter into it and chop

it fine with a knife; mix it well--do not use the hands; then add milk

enough to moisten it, about a quarter of a pint. Dust a pastry board

with flour, take the dough from the bowl, roll lightly into a sheet

about an eighth of an inch thick, cut into squares large enough to hold

an apple. Pare and core medium sized cooking apples, fill with sugar

and a little cinnamon, put in the middle of the square and draw the

corners up over the apples, moistening them with a little white of egg

or water to make them stick. Brush over the dumplings with beaten egg

and bake in a good oven. The time will depend upon the apples--about

half an hour. Serve with cream.

Other Recipes

Baked Apple Dumplings

Make a paste of half a pound of flour, (cost two

cents,) quarter of a pound of butter, (cost eight cents,) and enough

cold water to wet it up, about half a pint; roll it out very thin and

fold it four times; repeat this process twice; then put the paste in a

cool place for five minutes, and roll and fold again; do this three

times, and then cut the paste in squares, and lay on each an apple

prepared as above; fold the paste over the apples, turn them bottom up

on a baking sheet, brush them with a well beaten egg, (cost one cent,)

sift over them an ounce of powdered sugar, (cost one cent,) and put them

in a moderate oven to bake for three quarters of an hour. They will cost

about eighteen cents, and be very nice.

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