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Baked Bananas

(Desserts And Cakes) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Put into a bowl three tablespoonfuls of butter, six of sugar, and
three of wine. Set the bowl in hot water to melt the butter. Peel
the fruit and lay it in a baking pan. Pour over it the mixture in the
bowl, and bake half an hour, basting several times.

Other Recipes

Belgian Baked Bananas.

Peel small tender turnips; heat 1 tablespoonful of butter in a
saucepan. Place the turnips in whole, sprinkle with salt and pepper;
add a tablespoonful of sugar. Pour over a cup of water; cover and let
cook for one hour until tender but not broken. Thicken the sauce with
flour and milk. Add a little water and set in the oven a half hour,
covered with paper; then serve.

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