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(Plum Pudding) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MRS. S. W. MCLAUGHLIN, of North Dakota, Lady Manager.
One quart of milk, two heaping tablespoonfuls of Indian meal, four of
sugar, one of butter, three eggs, one teaspoonful of salt; boil the
milk in the double boiler; sprinkle the meal into it, stirring all the
while; cook twelve minutes, stirring often. Beat together the eggs,
salt, sugar and half a teaspoonful of ginger; stir the butter into the
meal and milk; pour this gradually on the egg mixture. Bake slowly one

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Scald one pint of milk; stir into it one-half cup of Indian meal,
one-half cup molasses, and a pinch of salt. When this is cold, pour
over it, without stirring, one pint of cold milk. Bake in a slow oven
about four hours to obtain the color and flavor of the old-fashioned

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Scald one quart of milk; stir in three-fourths cup of Indian meal,
one-third cup molasses, and a pinch of salt. Beat two eggs with a
half cup of cold milk, and fill the dish. Bake one hour.

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Baked Indian Pudding

Boil a quart of milk, and turn it on to a pint of sifted Indian meal.

Stir it in well, so as to scald the meal--then mix three table-spoonsful

of wheat flour with a pint of milk. The milk should be stirred

gradually into the flour, so as to have it mix free from lumps. Turn it

on to the Indian meal--mix the whole well together. When the whole is

just lukewarm, beat three eggs with three table-spoonsful of sugar--stir

them into the pudding, together with two tea-spoonsful of salt, two of

cinnamon, or a grated nutmeg, and a couple of table-spoonsful of melted

butter, or suet chopped fine. Add, if you wish to have the pudding very

rich, half a pound of raisins--they should not be put in till the

pudding has baked five or six minutes. If raisins are put in, an

additional half pint of milk will be required, as they absorb a great

deal of milk. A very good Indian pudding may be made without eggs, if

half a pint more of meal is used, and no flour. It takes three hours to

bake an Indian pudding without eggs--if it has eggs in, it will bake in

much less time.

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Baked Indian Pudding

Stir into a quart of boiling milk, (cost eight

cents,) quarter of a pound of Indian meal, (cost one cent,) one level

teaspoonful of salt, the same of spice, and one ounce of butter, (cost

two cents;) last of all add one pint of cold milk, (cost four cents,) or

milk and water. Pour the pudding into an earthen dish, and bake slowly

for three hours. It will cost about fifteen cents, and be very nice.

There is as much difference in the quality of Indian meal as there is in

its preparation; Southern meal is undoubtedly finer than Northern, and

Southern cooks are proverbial for their skill in using it. I am indebted

for some of the preceding receipts to a friend in Maryland, and I advise

my readers to buy Southern meal, if they can get it, and test them

thoroughly. Meal that is ground by hand or water power is superior to

that ground by steam, because it is less heated in the process.

Indian corn is an excellent food in temperate and warm climates; and

from its abundant yield, and easy cultivation, it is one of the cheapest

of cereals. It contains the nitrates, or flesh-forming properties, in an

excessive degree. It is a palatable and nutritious diet whether eaten

green, parched, or ground into meal.

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