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Baked Pig's Head

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Split the pig's head into halves, sprinkle them with pepper and salt,

and lay them with the rind part uppermost upon a bed of sliced onions in

a baking dish. Next bruise eight ounces of stale bread-crumb, and mix it

with four ounces of chopped suet, twelve sage leaves chopped fine,

pepper and salt to season, and sprinkle this seasoning all over the

surface of the pig's head; add one ounce of butter and a gill of vinegar

to the onions, and bake the whole for about an hour and-a-half, basting

the pig's head occasionally with the liquor.

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Is Nutritious And Savory Baked Pig's Head

Buy at a packing house

half a medium sized pig's head, which you can get for three or four

cents a pound, (the piece will cost about ten cents;) clean and wash it

well; pare and slice one quart of onions, (cost five cents;) chop

quarter of a pound of suet, (cost two cents,) and grate half a loaf of

stale bread, (cost three cents;) put into a dripping pan one ounce of

drippings, (cost one cent,) one gill of vinegar, (cost one cent,) then

the onions, next the head, skin up, and last the bread, suet, and

seasoning, well mixed, and bake in a moderate oven for about one and a

half hours. The dish will cost about twenty-two cents; it is hearty and

extremely nutritious.

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