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(Belgian) - (The Belgian Cook-book)

This dish is very excellent with mutton instead of kid; the meat tastes
like venison if this recipe is followed:
Put the meat, say a shoulder of mutton, to soak in a bottle of red wine,
with a sliced carrot, thyme, bay-leaves (4), six cloves, fifteen
peppercorns and a teaspoonful of vinegar, for two hours. Then bring the
liquor to the boil and just before it is boiling pour it over and over
the meat. Do this pouring over of hot liquor for two days. Then put the
meat in the oven with butter, pepper, and salt, till it is cooked.
Sauce: Brown some onions in butter and pour in your liquor, but without
the carrot. Let it simmer for three-quarters of an hour, and pour it
through a sieve. Roll a nut of butter in flour and add little by little
the liquor you have from the meat, then a coffee-spoonful of meat extract
and two lumps of sugar. This sauce ought to be quite thick. It is served
with the meat. [_Mme. Vandervalle_.]

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