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(Cereals) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Arrange two cups of boiled rice in a baking dish in layers, covering
each with grated cheese, a little milk, butter, salt and red pepper.
Spread one cup of grated bread crumbs over all and bake in a moderate
oven until the crumbs are browned.

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17 Baked Rice Cake

One pt. of cold boiled rice, mixed with a cup of cold milk, 1 egg, about

1/2 a pt. of flour just sufficient to hold it together. Put into a deep

pan and bake 1/2 an hour.

Other Recipes

A Baked Rice Pudding Without Eggs

Pick over and wash two small tea-cups of rice, and put it into two

quarts of milk. Melt a small tea-cup of butter, and put in, together

with two of sugar, a grated nutmeg, and a couple of tea-spoonsful of

salt, and bake the pudding about two hours. This pudding does not need

any sauce, and is good either hot or cold. If you wish to have the

pudding very rich, add, when it has been baking five or six minutes,

half a pound of raisins.

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