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Baked Sardines

(Fish) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Remove the skins from large boned sardines and heat in the oven
on strips of toast. Make a sauce as follows: Pour the oil from the
sardines into a saucepan and heat it well. Then stir in an ounce of
flour, adding a small cup of hot water. Season this with a teaspoonful
of Worcestershire sauce, salt and paprika. Beat the yolk of an egg
with a teaspoonful of vinegar and one of mustard. Stir this into the
sauce after it is removed from the fire. Pour over the sardines and

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Baked Sardines

Cold boiled fish makes excellent canapés. To each half pint of fish allow
six squares of toasted bread. If you have any cold boiled potatoes left
over, add milk to them, make them hot and put them into a pastry bag.
Decorate the edge of the toast with these mashed potatoes, using a small
star tube; put them back in the oven until light brown. Make the fish
into a creamed fish. Rub the butter and flour together, add a half pint of
milk, add the fish and a palatable seasoning of salt and pepper. Dish the
centers on top of the toast with this creamed fish and send at once to the
table. A very little fish here makes a good showing, and is one of the
nicest of the hot canapés.

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