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(Muffins And Biscuits) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Batter is a mixture of flour with sufficient liquid to make it thin
enough to be beaten.
Pour-batter requires one measure of liquid to one measure of flour.
Drop-batter requires one measure of liquid to two measures of flour.
To make a batter. Sift flour before measuring. Put flour by spoonfuls
into the cup; do not press or shake down. Mix and sift dry ingredients.
Measure dry, then liquid ingredients, shortening may be rubbed or
chopped in while cold, or creamed; or it may be melted and then added to
dry ingredients, or added after the liquid. Use two teaspoons of
baking-powder to one cup of flour. If eggs are used, less baking-powder
will be required.
When sour milk is used, take one level teaspoon of soda to a pint of
milk; when molasses is used, take one teaspoon of soda or baking-powder
to each cup of molasses.
Mix dry materials in one bowl and liquids in another, combine them
quickly, handle as little as possible and put at once into the oven.
The oven for baking biscuits should be hot enough to brown a teaspoon of
flour in one minute.

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