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(Philadelphia Ice Creams) - (Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings)

These creams are not so good as those made from raw cream, but with care
and good flavoring are quite as good as the ordinary Neapolitan Creams.
There is one advantage--condensed milk is not so liable to curdle when
mixed with fresh fruits. These recipes will answer also for what is sold
under the name of "Evaporated Cream." Use unsweetened milk, or allow for
the sugar in the sweetened varieties.

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Baked Bananas

Put into a bowl three tablespoonfuls of butter, six of sugar, and
three of wine. Set the bowl in hot water to melt the butter. Peel
the fruit and lay it in a baking pan. Pour over it the mixture in the
bowl, and bake half an hour, basting several times.

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Take equal parts of banana and fresh or canned pineapple; cut into small
cubes and cover with lemon or pineapple juice. Serve in glasses or
orange shells placed on autumn leaves or sprays of green fern.

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Cut the bananas in half crosswise and arrange them on a plate, radiating
from the center. Sprinkle with grated nuts or nutmeg and heap white
mayonnaise in the center. Garnish with maraschino cherries.

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May be sliced according to fancy, either round or lengthwise. Set on ice
until required. Then add sugar, wine or orange juice. In serving, dish
out with a tablespoon of whipped cream.

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Cut ice-cold bananas down lengthwise, and lay these halves on a plate
with a quarter of a lemon and a generous teaspoon of powdered sugar. Eat
with a fork or spoon after sprinkling with lemon juice and dipping in

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Mash six bananas, add juice of one lemon and three or more tablespoons
of sugar; or add mashed bananas with whipped cream or boiled icing.

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From one banana was made 4 fritters. The banana was halved, cut
lengthwise and then cut cross-wise. The batter will do for all fruits,
clams, corn or oysters. Make a sauce of the liquor, mixed with same
quantity of milk, with a tablespoon of butter added, chopped parsley
and flour to thicken. When making oyster or clam fritters use same
rule as for fruit fritters, using clam juice and milk instead of all
For the "fritter batter," sift together 1 pint of flour, 2
teaspoonfuls baking powder and a pinch of salt. Stir slowly into it a
pint of milk, then the well-beaten yolks of 3 eggs, and, lastly, the
stiffly-beaten whites of eggs. Beat hard for a few minutes and fry at
once in smoking hot fat. Orange sections make delicious fritters, or
halves of fresh or canned peaches may be used.
Allow the bananas to stand one-quarter hour in a dish containing a
small quantity of lemon juice and sugar before putting them in the
batter. Lay the slices of bananas or sections of orange in the batter,
then take up a tablespoonful of the batter with one slice of banana
for each fritter, drop into hot fat one at a time, and fry a golden
brown. Sift pulverized sugar over and serve hot. If a small piece of
bread browns in one minute in the fat it is the right temperature to
fry any previously uncooked food.

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6 Bananas--2d.

2 oz. Sugar--1/2d.

1/2 pint Milk--1d.

2 Eggs--2d.

Total Cost--51/2 d.

Time--5 Minutes.

Choose ripe bananas, peel and slice them up, and lay them in a glass
dish, sprinkle with sugar. Make a custard with the milk and yolks of
the eggs by directions for boiled custard, flavour with a pinch
of ginger, and pour it over the bananas. Let it stand till quite cold,
then whip the whites to a very stiff froth and heap them on top;
sprinkle with sugar, and serve.

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Peel and slice up some ripe bananas and oranges, removing the pips from
the oranges, but saving the juice. Take a deep glass dish, lay at the
bottom some bananas, then a layer of oranges. Sprinkle well with sugar,
then some more bananas and oranges and sugar, until all the materials
are used up. Cover and let it stand for an hour, then serve as a sweet.

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1 doz. Green Bananas--3d.

Lemon Juice

1/2 pint Brown Sauce

Pepper and Salt--2d.

Total Cost--5d.

Time--Half an Hour.

Peel the bananas and put them in boiling water to which a few drops of
lemon juice have been added; boil them for half an hour, or until soft.
Make sauce by directions already given, flavour with lemon juice,
pepper, and salt. Strain all the water from the bananas, dish, and pour
over the sauce

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