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(Fresh Fruits And Compote) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

May be sliced according to fancy, either round or lengthwise. Set on ice
until required. Then add sugar, wine or orange juice. In serving, dish
out with a tablespoon of whipped cream.

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Baked Bananas

Put into a bowl three tablespoonfuls of butter, six of sugar, and
three of wine. Set the bowl in hot water to melt the butter. Peel
the fruit and lay it in a baking pan. Pour over it the mixture in the
bowl, and bake half an hour, basting several times.

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Cut ice-cold bananas down lengthwise, and lay these halves on a plate
with a quarter of a lemon and a generous teaspoon of powdered sugar. Eat
with a fork or spoon after sprinkling with lemon juice and dipping in

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1 doz. Green Bananas--3d.

Lemon Juice

1/2 pint Brown Sauce

Pepper and Salt--2d.

Total Cost--5d.

Time--Half an Hour.

Peel the bananas and put them in boiling water to which a few drops of
lemon juice have been added; boil them for half an hour, or until soft.
Make sauce by directions already given, flavour with lemon juice,
pepper, and salt. Strain all the water from the bananas, dish, and pour
over the sauce

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Belgian Baked Bananas.

Peel small tender turnips; heat 1 tablespoonful of butter in a
saucepan. Place the turnips in whole, sprinkle with salt and pepper;
add a tablespoonful of sugar. Pour over a cup of water; cover and let
cook for one hour until tender but not broken. Thicken the sauce with
flour and milk. Add a little water and set in the oven a half hour,
covered with paper; then serve.

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1 quart of apricots
2 tablespoonfuls of gelatin
1 cupful of sugar
1 pint of cream
Drain the apricots from the can, mash them through a colander, add the
sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Cover the gelatin with a half
cupful of cold water and soak for a half hour. Stand it over hot water,
stir until dissolved, add it to the apricot mixture, and freeze. When
frozen, remove the dasher and stir in the cream whipped to a stiff froth.
Repack and stand aside two hours to ripen.
This will serve ten persons.

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From MRS. KATE CANTHON MCDANIEL, of Texas, Lady Manager.
Beat the whites of four eggs to a stiff froth; place them carefully in
a vessel containing a pint of boiling milk; let them remain until set,
then remove carefully to a plate. Beat the four yolks and a cup of
sugar until light; stir in half cup of sweet milk, pour slowly into
the boiling milk, stirring briskly all the while; continue stirring
and let it remain on the fire long enough to thicken, taking care that
it never boils or it will be unfit for use; flavor to suit the taste.
Place slices of any cake in dessert plates; pour the custard over
them, put a spoonful of the whites on each piece of cake and a drop of
jelly in the center of the whites.

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24 Fried Bananas

Cut lengthwise 3 bananas, roll them in flour and fry in butter until a

light-brown. Serve with cold duck.

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This is a fruit which is delicious eaten in almost any form. It is

especially good frozen.

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Bananas As A Breakfast Dish

Slice bananas lengthwise; put them in a buttered pan and brown in oven;

or they can be dipped in butter and fried; or sliced and served cold

with cream.

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