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Barberries To Preserve

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Tie up the finest maiden barberries in bunches; to one pound of them put

two pounds and a quarter of sugar; boil the sugar to a thick syrup, and

when thick enough stir it till it is almost cold. Put in the barberries;

set them on the fire, and keep them as much under the syrup as you can,

shaking the pan frequently. Let them just simmer till the syrup is hot

through, but not boiling, which would wrinkle them. Take them out of the

syrup, and let them drain on a lawn sieve; put the syrup again into the

pot, and boil it till it is thick. When half cold put in the barberries,

and let them stand all night in the preserving-pan. If the syrup has

become too thin, take out the fruit and boil it again, letting it stand

all night: then put it into pots, and cover it with brandy paper.

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