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Barley Cream

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take half a pint of pearl barley, and two quarts of water. Boil it half

away, and then strain it out. Put in some juice of lemons; sweeten it to

your taste. Steep two ounces of sweet almonds in rose-water; and blanch,

stamp, and strain them through into the barley, till it is as white as


Other Recipes

French Barley Cream

Boil your barley in two or three waters, till it looks white and tender;

pour the water clean from the barley, and put as much cream as will make

it tolerably thick, and a blade or two of mace, and let it boil. To a

pint and a half of cream put two ounces of almonds, blanched and ground

with rose-water. Strain them with cold cream; put the cream through the

almonds two or three times, wringing it hard. Sweeten to your taste; let

it boil; and put it in a broad dish.

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