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(Soups) - (The Jewish Manual)

Put in a stew-pan, a knuckle of mutton, or four pounds of the neck,
with three quarts of water, boil it gently and keep it well skimmed;
a sprig of parsley, a couple of sliced turnips, a carrot, an onion or
more, if approved, with a little white pepper and salt, are sufficient
seasoning, a breakfast cup full of barley should be scalded and put in
the stew-pan with the meat, if when done, the soup is thin and watery,
a little prepared barley, mixed smoothly, should be stirred in.

Make a good stock, by simmering a cod's-head in water, enough to cover
the fish; season it with pepper and salt, mace, celery, parsley, and
a few sweet herbs, with two or three onions, when sufficiently done,
strain it, and add cutlets of fish prepared in the following manner:
cut very small, well-trimmed cutlets from any fish, sole or brill are
perhaps best suited; stew them in equal quantities of water and wine,
but not more than will cover them, with a large lump of butter, and
the juice of a lemon; when they have stewed gently for about fifteen
or twenty minutes, add them to the soup, which thicken with cream and
flour, serve the soup with the cutlets in a tureen; force-meat balls
of cod's liver are sometimes added.

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Take one quart of hot bouillon, add a quarter pound barley which has
been boiled in water; and one ounce of dried mushrooms which have been
thoroughly washed and cut in pieces, an onion, carrot, bayleaf, parsley
and dill. Boil all these and when the vegetables are nearly tender,
remove from soup, add the meat from the bouillon, cut up in small
pieces, let soup come to a boil and serve.

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Take one cup of barley, two onions cut fine, one-half cup of carrots
diced, one teaspoon of salt, pepper to taste; add two quarts of water
and simmer two or three hours. When water has evaporated add soup; if
you are making fresh soup, keep adding the "top soup," strained, to the
barley and let boil until tender, one-half cup of celery root boiled
with the barley improves the flavor.

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Barley Soup

Put into a stock pot a knuckle of veal and two pounds of

shoulder of mutton chopped up; cover with one gallon of cold water;

season with salt, whole peppers, and a blade of mace; boil for three

hours, removing the scum as fast as it rises. Wash half a pint of barley

in cold water, drain and cover it with milk, and let it stand for half

an hour, drain and add to the soup; boil half an hour longer,

moderately; strain, trim the meat from the bone, chop up a little

parsley or celery tops, add a tablespoonful to the soup and serve.

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Barley Soup

Put a quarter of a cup of well washed barley with a bay leaf and a small

blade of mace into a pint and a half of cold water, boil slowly for

three hours. Take out the bay leaf and mace and add a small onion cut

fine, two French carrots cut in dice, and cook until tender, then add a

pint of milk, a good heaping tablespoonful of butter, salt and pepper

to taste, let it come to a boil, remove from the fire and stir into it

one egg yolk beaten with two tablespoonfuls of cream.

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